Posted by: whimsigal | May 21, 2009

Blast from the past

So last night, I was combing You Tube for a video of Adam Lambert singing, “Mad World” on American Idol. I didn’t watch AI this season and am actually said now because I missed out on his stunningly beautiful performance of one of my favorite songs. What I didn’t know is, “Mad World” was originally a Tears for Fears song. Yes, I know. What kind of child of the 80’s am I if I didn’t know that? Believe me, my husband told me all about myself last night. LOL Well, that conversation started us down a path…one that kept us up until 1:30 in the morning looking up our favorite 80’s jams and I wanted to share a few with you. Just because. 🙂

Anyone remember this one?

I freaking LOVE this song!!!! It makes me want to get in my car, crank up the volume and just drive!!!

Here is another fave and I could give a flying crap whether they actually sang it or not. This was my anthem for my Senior Year Spring Break. And yes, I still listen to it when it comes on the radio. Loud.

This song is one that Sean and I bonded over the night we got together. All we have to do is hear this song and we’re instantly together in ’96 at Wal-Mart at 4am looking for a CD with this song on it. We found one and got back in the car, drove back to my house with it on full blast, making out at stop lights. Yes, we’re total dorks and will freely admit that.

What are your faves from the 80s or whatever decade had your fave tunes?



  1. I love the third one, too!
    A happy song.

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