Posted by: whimsigal | January 9, 2009

We’re losing things here

Check out Ryan’s new look:

I can’t believe it. He lost his first tooth!!!! Oh my goodness!!! He’s going to be 7 in a couple of months and I can’t believe that either. He’s my baby but not a baby by any means. Oh!!! It’s just crazy how fast the time goes by.

I’m glad he was here with me when he lost it. He was SOOO excited about it. I think I am still in shock.



  1. Good for him! Milestones that hit me this year: no more elementary school and Stephen getting his license next month.
    Did the tooth fairy make a visit?

  2. He is so cute! He looks so much like you, Evie! So then, I guess that makes you cute too?!? Congrats on that milestone, and hugs to the mama.-K

  3. I just keep telling them to STOP GROWING WOULD YOU!!?? My baby is getting sooooo big too (my oldest is 7) of course he also eats more than us at dinner……your post hit home with me…..time is soooooooo precious….

  4. Oh, how cute!!

  5. Awww

    I just had to share a story that just happened to Squirrel. Let me start by saying that she has 4 loose teeth.

    After playing outside she came in to have a bowl of applesauce. She sat down and ate about half the bowl, then screamed~ “where’s my tooth!!”. Her tooth fell out and we couldn’t find it anywhere. We tried to look outside and we looked inside, it wasn’t anywhere we could see. It turns out that she most likely swallowed the tooth.

    The look on her face was priceless!!

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