Posted by: whimsigal | November 7, 2008

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

The afterglow of our monumental election results has already lost a bit of luster for me. Not because of anything that Obama has done but, after feeling like our nation has made great strides in equality for all her citizens, California allowed a ban on gay marriage to pass. California? Really? One of the most open-minded places in the country? Perhaps not as open-minded as we thought. It is really disappointing to me that even in this day and age, gay people are treated like second class citizens. I could delve more deeply into the reasons I believe that is so but will refrain from doing so. Those who know me well enough know where I’m coming from. I can only hope that this grievous error can somehow be rectified and done so very soon. It’s not right to deny them the same legal protections that we enjoy. It just isn’t.

Recently, we took a trip up to Asheville for the day to do some leaf-watching. Asheville is a quaint, charming, city made up of a diverse group of people. While we were sitting outside eating lunch, two mean approached each other and kissed. At first I was a bit shocked because we would never see something like that where we live. But then I thought, wow. It’s really wonderful that they feel comfortable enough to do that. Neither of the boys witnessed it or if they did, they didn’t react to it but they know about gay people so perhaps it wouldn’t have been that much of a surprise to them. We try very hard to instill in them a sense that there is nothing wrong with being gay. we explain that it is different from how we are but different doesn’t equal bad.

The election of Obama is a step in the right direction in many ways, we just have to extend it to all American citizens who are discriminated against. Perhaps if Obama and Biden themselves supported gay marriage things would have turned out differently in California.



  1. It flummoxes me that people feel threatened by it. Believing that allowing others to love and honor eachother lawfully will be the downfall of our society.

    If Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden had stated they were in support of gay rights, we’d certainly be calling someone else the Future Mister President.

    But I’ll hope for change, certainly.

  2. You really think Obama would have lost the election on that? I guess you’re right. I voted for McCain but, interestingly enough, had Obama/Biden said they were for gay rights it would have impressed me that they would go against the grain and I would have voted for them. But I don’t think I’m the typical American voter, either.

    baffling is a wonderful way to describe it. I hope it can be changed. Shall we say, “yes we can”? 🙂

  3. I am stunned by the ban myself. One step forward and two steps back I guess.

  4. Okay, I didn’t even notice the title of your post until after I commented. 🙂

  5. LOL Carri, great minds think alike!

  6. Yeah – I think it would have been too much for “middle of the road”ers to handle, honestly.
    He’s considered left-wing democrat, so that would have pushed people over the edge, I think.
    Which is why I”m hoping he’ll show us what he’s made of when he becomes President!! 🙂

  7. Yep, I agree. It’s depressing. But what is really cool is reading that you voted for McCain and yet still felt good about Obama’s win, appreciated it. I love that you could be that open minded. I have talked to other McCain voters who had that reaction too but it is unusual I think. It’s a unique election in many ways.

  8. I agree. I find the whole thing baffling too, that people feel threatened by the idea of a gay couple marrying. What difference does it make to them? I guess it’s the whole fear thing – that if it becomes legal, it’s putting the stamp of “acceptable” on it and if someone truly believes it’s wrong (I’m thinking Bible here) then they can’t live with that. I guess I was surprised, though, that they’re the majority. Beyond surprised…. deeply saddened… we should be so far beyond denying civil rights based upon bias and fear of change.

    That’s my diplomatic self talking. When I’m feeling less diplomatic, I’m more “WTF – are you serious?!? Gah!!”

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