Posted by: whimsigal | November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So, did you dress up for Halloween this year?  My husband and I did, well for a party not on Halloween itself.  Want to see what we went as?  Wait for it…..






My husband was Will Farrell and I was Christopher Walken from this skit on Saturday Night Live

It was a lot of fun! As usual, the boys waited until the last minute to decide for sure what they were going to be this year. There was a lot of indecision and creativity around here in the days leading up to the big event and in the end, they both decided to go with their favorites, Mario and Luigi. Here is a pic of the boys with my niece and my mom on Halloween:
halloween 2008_0143.jpg

Here is Ryan:
halloween 2008_0087.jpg
always silly, both of them!

My niece:
halloween 2008_0126.jpg

My mom:
halloween 2008_0035.jpg

And my sis:
halloween 2008_0055.jpg

We all had a great time this year! Now, it’s on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Iain asked me this morning how he could sleep until Thanksgiving and then after Thanksgiving how he could sleep until Christmas. Can you tell he’s ready for Christmas to get here? Anticipation is a beautiful thing.

By the way, I have a brand new site for my photography blog and if you would bookmark it and visit me occasionally, maybe even show me some love over there, I would REALLY appreciate it! I’m trying to up my visibility and any activity there would be incredibly helpful!! Go to

I hope you all had a great Halloween!



  1. What fun! The photography blog looks beautiful Evie! I love it!

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