Posted by: whimsigal | October 27, 2008

Who am I? Why am I here?

Holy moly.  I had to dust the cobwebs off the old keyboard.  Poor thing hasn’t seen a whole lot of action here lately.  If I’m lucky, some of you out there have been wondering whether or not I’m dead.  If I’m unlucky, you were hoping that was the case.  Sorry to disappoint.  We have been really busy and preoccupied around here and it has been hard to find the time to sit down and gather my thoughts enough to write something here.

We have been having some funny conversations around here.  One in particular stands out in my mind and it happened last week as the boys and I were riding in the car.

Iain:  Momma, we’re starting a superhero club and the members are going to be me, Ryan, Zach, and Noah.

Ryan:  Iain, I don’t think four people is enough to save the world.

Iain:  It’s one bad guy at a time, Ryan.  It’s what we’ve been training for!!!

Oh how I cracked up at that!!!  They are so funny!

Today, I reformatted their computer and had a heckuva time getting the wireless thingy hooked back up and recognized by their system.  I was so excited when it finally worked!

Me:  Iain!!!!  I got the internet back on your computer!!  Aren’t you so excited!  I can’t believe I did it!

Iain:  I’m not that impressed.  You do great things all the time.


You may remember that I got a new camera for my birthday and really loved it.  Well, unfortunately for Sean, I’m one of those “grass is always greener” kinds of folks and a newer version of my gift came out so I traded up.  Ahem.  I hated it.  I was really, really, ticked at myself for being so greedy about it, too.  So guess what I did?  Returned that one and got…an even fancier camera.  What is wrong with me?  Ugh.  It gets here sometime this week and I’m not going to lie.  I’m stoked!  This is the camera I have been drooling over for several months now.  When I lay me down to sleep, I envision all the pictures I’m going to take with it.  LOL  It’s sick, I know.

Just so you know, one of my friends here, V-Dub, just had her baby girl and I want to wish her my most sincere congratulations.  What an amazing time in your lives!!  I can’t wait to see her pictures!

Well, I have more to say but the kids are clamoring for my attention.  Since the weather is getting colder here now, I think I will find some time to cuddle up on the couch with my laptop and get back into the swing of things!

Hope all is well in your world!



  1. It’s you!
    Kids are so funny! Your kids are mighty cute. I loved their insights and wit.
    Come around again soon.

  2. Love the kid commentary! Glad to see a post!

  3. Glad to see you are back. Don’t feel bad about the camera. You’re officially a photographer and your choice of camera is very personal.
    I did something worse a few years ago. I casually mentioned to husband about changing my ring settings. While he was away on business I got my engagement ring and anniversary ring re-set. He had just given me that anniversary ring a few years prior and had it custom made. Fortunately he was okay with my decision.

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