Posted by: whimsigal | September 30, 2008

Lego is King

Over the years, toys have come and gone. Spider-Man, Buzz Lightyear, Woody the Cowboy, Power Rangers, and countless others that escape my memory at the moment. But one toy that has held on tightly to my boys’ imaginations for quite some time is Legos. They absolutely love Legos. We have a “secret” room, which is basically a small closet, and it is the boys’ Lego Lab. In the secret room there are drawers full of Legos and two chairs so they can sit in there privately and create to their heart’s content. I have to say though that above all other lego components, Ryan’s favorite has got to be Lego people.

lego blogit.jpg
Here is a playset he created himself of Batman’s Lair, complete with a computer desk upon which is the latest mind boggler from the Riddler. Catwoman lurks nearby and Batman looks askance at her presence. The detail to which Ryan goes when making these things really blows my mind. He will take different pieces and put them together in ways that I never could have imagined. One thing he has become very good at over the last year is taking toys, clothes, etc and turning them into characters, costumes from his favorite games. He put together some Legend of Zelda legos that were just astounding in their details. I don’t know how that’s going to serve him later in life but he is incredibly creative.

Iain has dug in his heels and is trying to finish one of the Legend of Zelda games that he started a while back. I was discussing this with his Uncle Tim on Sunday, that Iain really wants to finish a game when he starts one. He doesn’t like to leave them undone and he especially likes to see what happens at the end. His tenacity in getting this task accomplished is nothing short of impressive. I like to play games that are open-ended but totally respect Iain’s need and ability to get to the end of his. I just don’t possess that kind of will-power so he must get that from his dad!

We just trudging along here, nothing too exciting going on. Still trying to get my photography business going and feeling a little bit down about it. The current state of things doesn’t make me feel very confident about it right now but I’m hopeful that things will turn around and I can find some customers. Paying ones anyway. 😉

Hope all is well with you!



  1. Catwoman rocks!! I love the idea of a lego lab. How cool!

    The economy is a bit devastating at the moment. Things will get better and your photography business will flourish.

  2. Very cool lego creations. 🙂 We need some legos here – just have duplos and the boys would LOVE legos – they demonstrated that at the RE conference.

  3. Jesse hasn’t finished any of the Legend of Zelda games, yet. He goes to YouTube Legend of Zelda walk-throughs at times when he gets really stuck. He prefers to do it on his own but is finally willing to get help.

  4. Thanks, Carri! I sure hope you’re right!

    M-Legos have been so huge at our house. I know you’re right and your boys would love them, too!!

    Madeline, Iain has been uploading some Legend of Zelda videos to youtube under the name IainandRyan so maybe Jesse would be interested in checking them out? Iain also gets tips from folks on youtube. He has found that to be a very useful tool because he’s not about to sit down and read a walkthrough.

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