Posted by: whimsigal | September 23, 2008

Times They Are A Changin’

We have been doing schooly things this week, at the children’s request and not by my direction, and already I can see them feeling weary about it.  More so Iain than Ryan, Ryan actually seems to be enjoying it a bit but Iain really doesn’t like sitting down and “learning”.  For now it’s a game for Ryan and I’ll play as long as he wants but Iain and I are going to have to find other things to do for him.  One thing that I think is going to be fun for Iain has to do with an item he ordered off the internet this week.  You all may remember that Iain is a total video game fanatic and right now he’s on a “Legend of Zelda” kick.  The main character of that game is a hero named, Link and with him on his quest he carries several items.  One of those items is a musical instrument called an ocarina.  Well, did you know that such a thing really exists?  I did not but Iain asked me to google “ocarina” and lo and behold, we found several companies selling them.  Iain ordered one yesterday and it should be here by the end of this week.  I can’t wait for Iain to get it and start using it.  Maybe we can make a video and post it here!

Here are a couple of recent pics:

bokeh baby.jpg

The weather here has turned really beautiful and I hope to be out with the boys more and taking tons of photos as the season begins to change. Sean and I are taking a trip to Maryland in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to take some photos up there! What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? We are experiencing the 50’s at night and the 70’s during the day. Glorious! What a relief to have the HOT 80’s and 90’s out of the way!



  1. So much to respond to! Our boys are so alike. Jesse Loooooves Legend of Zelda. He too has an ocarina. It is so cool that a video game led him to his first instrument. At the conference I learned that a friend’s daughter learned piano in order to play the music she heard on a game. And the “school” stuff – Jesse asked for math problems last week. He wanted division! I quickly explained what it is and he did the problems in his head and asked for more! I have to use paper, still! We have to get these guys together one day.

  2. They are so precious! Love their names.

  3. And I’m happy because we’re in the low 90’s again finally! LOL. 70-80s would be nice!

  4. Hey you! Stop by my blog, you have been nominated! :>)-K

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