Posted by: whimsigal | August 20, 2008

Leap of Faith

We know Ryan has trust issues. That’s one of the reasons we began unschooling in the first place so we could try and build the trust between us. Then, if you read one of my recent posts about the “incident” it was obvious that there was still a lot of work to be done. Well yesterday, something monumental occurred and it felt like a sign that maybe things are getting better.

My sister and her adorable daughter, Makena came over yesterday morning and we all trekked down to the neighborhood park. While we were there, all three of them were playing on the slides, swings, etc when Makena decided she wanted to go down the fireman’s pole. I was right there so I reached up for her and she reached back and allowed me to help her slide down the pole. Something clicked in Ryan’s head because he has always wanted to go down the pole (his big bro does it) but he has always been too terrified to do it even with assistance. Once he saw that I didn’t drop Makena on her head, he decided to have faith in me and asked me to help him down the pole. Of course, I obliged. He was SO excited!! He jumped up and down and was ready to do it on his OWN.
big leap.jpg

Here he goes!

big leap2.jpg

he did it!!!! I was so excited that I didn’t get the shot of him at the bottom. He was so thrilled and proud of himself that he did it a few more times and it made me feel so good to see him so happy with his accomplishment. Now, I know this doesn’t mean that all is totally copasectic but I do have great hope that it’s indicative of his desire to make things better and to allow us to help him. He has never done that before.



  1. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On a side note.. I had to go find Montell Jordan’s This is How We do It. I have been singing the song for 3 days now. LOL

  2. copasectic? I need a dictionary now. 😉

    Love that he did it! Congrats to him!

  3. LOL Chrissy, I hum it every time I pull up the blog!

    M- good grief, is copasetic a made up word? Or did I spell it wrong? LOL

  4. That’s awesome!! Way to go Ryan!

  5. Onya Ryan! I can imagine the pride on his face!

  6. Brady had fears of being left behind or left alone when he was about 6. We never could determine any specific incident that triggered it – he was never left alone accidentally or anything like that – but it might’ve been because I worked when he was little. Anyhow. when I was quitting my teaching job to stay home and explaining why, the **special ed** teacher asked if I was going to help Brady ‘practice’ by leaving him alone in a room for a minute, then increasing amts of time. WTF? Um, no, I said, I am going to not.leave.his.side until he decides he’s ready.

    Just be mindful of his cues, be there for his needs, and the trust will come. Bravo to him for conquering an obstacle!

  7. Awww…that’s wonderful to hear about Ryan! I love the title that you chose–it really was a leap of faith for him. I hope you guys have lots more leaps!

    You were right about copasetic, btw. 🙂 I looked it up and you can spell it two ways: copasetic or copacetic.

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