Posted by: whimsigal | August 18, 2008

Cup Runneth Over

We are truly living a blessed existence. We have a busy week lined up of kid moshes with friends and it feels like we have more friends than we can shake a stick at right now. It’s awesome! This weekend we spent it together and with my sister and her husband. We watched movies, ate dinner, played, shopped. It was a full, fun weekend and as I sit here gathering my thoughts for the upcoming week, I’m reflecting on how wonderful it was to be with all the people I love for the past couple of days.

Here are a few photos I took this weekend.



Ryan created his own version of a Link costume from items we had around the house then he wanted me to take a photo of his best Link pose.

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday and my sister and I cooked a big lunch for her to celebrate it. We made teriyaki chicken kabobs, a salad, and the piece de resistance, banana pudding. Not just any banana pudding though, it was a Paula Deen recipe called “not yo momma’s banana pudding“. Run don’t walk to the nearest grocery store for the ingredients and make it this week. It will be the most unbelievably delicious version you have EVER eaten. I promise.



  1. I love the 2 pictures in the middle. How did you do that?

    I always love your pictures. They are great!

  2. Ryan is the spitting image of Link! I should know, Link’s posters adorn my 10 yo’s bedroom walls!

  3. Awesome, awesome photos! I am so going to make that pudding. The kids have been wanting to make something. I hear you on being blessed with good friends and family, and it is an absolutely amazing thing! Glad your weekend was nothing less than great!-K

  4. Hey Chrissy! Thank you! I was playing around with something new by making the photo look vintage in color and then adding a textured layer over the top to make it look scratchy. It has taken some getting used to because I usually just edit my photos straight and don’t do any crazy treatments to them but I see other people do it all the time and thought it would be fun!

    Hi, Chris! My 9 yo has a Link poster, too. We’ve been on a major “Twilight Princess” kick here for the past few days!

    Hey, Kim! When you make that pudding, be prepared to be ruined from ll other banana puddings for the rest of your life! It’s that damn good.

    Nice to see you guys here this morning!

  5. Love the spiky hair! And Link is awesome!

  6. mmmmm……pudding…….

    great, now I have a craving. 😉

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