Posted by: whimsigal | July 28, 2008


We’re experimenting here. New blog names, new routines, new diets. Lots of changes ’round here. You know that I’ve been feeling tormented almost by what to “do” with ourselves during the day. After my hysterectomy, things really slowed down and just never seemed to get back on track which caused me to look towards other methodologies besides radical unschooling. I’m glad I did because in all that reading, there is another method out there I find equally fascinating and it’s the one proposed by Dr. Raymond Moore. In many ways, it is very similar to unschooling. No formal education (at least until the child turns 8 but that’s the earliest. They actually recommend 10-12), child-interest driven activities, and a lot of connecting with your children. The differences enter in with setting some guidelines for bedtimes, chores, and bible-study. Not that unschooling says “Don’t study the bible”, it’s just not part of the equation. Anyway, The Moore Formula is very appealing to me because I do feel like some guidelines are a good fit for us. We’re going to be experimenting with a new routine and see how it goes. The boys have a bedtime and I will wake them up at a specific time in the AM. We’ll eat breakfast together, get dressed, and then take turns reading to each other. Maybe write a story or draw some pictures. Whatever it is, we’re going to spend a couple of hours together doing things besides watching Tom and Jerry reruns. We’ll have lunch and then the boys can go off on their own for a couple of hours to have their own “me” time. We’ll get back together and do some work around the house, fix dinner together, and then they’re free again to do what they like until time for bed. There are a few things driving this change. First of all, the boys have been asking for more routine. They just want it. Second, there are things that I think are important like learning table manners but they can’t get that on their own. It has to come from eating at the table with an adult, which rarely happened because we were all on different timetables. Even though Sean will not be able to eat with us, at least the boys and I can dine together, without the TV, and I think we’ll all benefit from that.

So far today we’ve had a good time. We ate breakfast together and then we all took turns reading from a book we chose. Iain went first and read to us from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and he did a GREAT job! He really knows how to use the right inflection when he’s reading out loud and that was very impressive. Ryan chose to read from a Curious George book and he also blew me away. His reading skills grow by leaps and bounds every day. When it was my turn, I read from a book by Lynne Cheney called, When Washington Crossed the Delaware. I chose this book because both boys have expressed an interest in George Washington and, on our trip to PA, we were able to look across the Delaware river. It seemed like something they would be able to relate to. After we read to each other, I asked the boys to play something different than a Sonic game on GameTap. If you’re not familiar with GameTap, it’s an awesome resource. You buy a membership to the website and then you and your family can have individual accounts and have access to hundreds of games. First the boys chose Zoombinis. They used to have it on disc but it quit working. After they got bored with that, they chose “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” and they are loving it. You have to follow the clues to find world-famous thief, Carmen Sandiego. They are sitting together at the computer and every once in a while a shout rings out, “Momma! I found a clue!”

Ryan told me a little while ago that he’s really having fun today and that made me feel good. I think we had gotten complacent and were just trudging along, not doing much, and they needed a little extra mental stimulation. I am going to give them a couple of responsibilities around the house as well because I do feel it’s important for them to help take care of our home. It helps all of us in the end.

In other news, after some encouragement from Carri, I am opening an etsy store and will be selling some of my prints there! It should be up and running in the next week or so and I will add things to the selection as I am able. If there is a photo you have seen and you think it should be in my store, please email me and let me know. As soon as it’s ready, I will include a link to it here.

Oh. This weekend Sean and I went to see the “Dark Knight” movie and really enjoyed it. I think I would have liked it a lot more if it weren’t so damn loud! WTH? Some of the dialog was completely drowned out by the atrocious sound and I have no idea if that is the movie’s fault or the theater’s. Anyway, it’s still a good movie and I really love Christopher Nolan’s direction of this series. Christian Bale’s portrayal of Batman/Bruce Wayne is incredibly compelling and he does a magnificent job of illustrating just how complex Bruce Wayne is. Heath Ledger’s performance was also great although his role was smaller than I anticipated. I really thought he had more screen time than he did based on some of the reviews I had read.

Wow, I feel like I’ve written a book here today and it’s probably a jumbled mess so bear with me, friends. I’m trying to gain some footing on this new ground we’re on.



  1. 🙂 I like the new title! 🙂

    Did you look at Thomas Jefferson Ed? I’m interested in it compared to this Moore method. As my kids get older, we may use it more, I figure with the age they are at, unschooling works as a label to explain things to people.

    Congrats on opening the etsy store!

  2. I’m no expert but that sounds promising. Keep us updated.

  3. I googled it after I read your comment and may try and find a copy of the book. It seemed interesting as well!

    Joan, will do. Today has gone really well so far. I’m going to have them help with dinner tonight so we’ll see how that goes.

    Thanks for y’alls support!


  4. I love the new title. It sounds like you’re channeling your inner Montel Jordan.

    I think the new routine sounds great. Everyone needs a little structure in their lives and you let the boys lead you there. Good luck and it sounds like the boys are doing great. They’re just growing up too fast!!!!

  5. I’ll have to do a search on Dr Moore – that sounds almost where we are at, but we could do with a bit more focus in our learning.

    Good luck with it 🙂

  6. Hi there Evie,

    love the new title, and I’ve always considered any homeschooling an evolving journey – what fits this year, may not the next, so you just keep tweaking to suit your family. Sounds like a great plan for your gang!

  7. We, too, are trying new things this year. Change is good! How did I, in all research, miss Dr. Moore. I am interested in reading about it. Just who is this dude? Sounds like you had a fufilling day. I need to let the kids help a bit more with food. It’s just fun ad they feel so proud. I like your blog makeover too! Keep us posted.

  8. Dr. Moore is awesome! Reading some of his works back when we first started on our homeschooling journey really helped me to let go of some of the expectations I had for Caleb. Especially when it came to reading. Both he and Catelynn really began reading during their 10th year. I am so grateful for finding some of Dr. Moore’s books when I did so that I could be patient enough to let my kids develop those skills on their own time table.

    As to routines, ours changes with the seasons. Sometimes even monthly. Catelynn and Chloe thrive on routine. Caleb thrives on independence, course he’s 15. We try to routinely look at what is working and what isn’t. I post our routines on the fridge and off we go. I think I need the routine probably more than anybody really.

  9. I will have to read some more on Dr. Moore. Ya know, I just thought of something..their pediatrician is Dr. Moore. LOL! Ok to get back on track… I have never started school until my kids were 7 or even 8. It just depends on the child. My 9yr is just now getting calm enough to sit down.

    I love your new name and yes I thought the same thing as Beth. That song is now stuck in my head!

    Your routine sounds great. I can never get my oldest to read aloud. I cherish the times that he does. He has a great reading voice, when he slows down.

    We are going to be starting a new routine this year. I have started my own homeschool support group. I have also added swim lessons & a chess & checker club.

  10. Oh my goodness – who on Earth is Montel Jordan? DOn’t you mean David Bowie???
    Am I showing my age???

    Tweaking and experimenting and reorganizing is fun. Actually — it’s finding a groove that’s the best part.


  11. LOL Steph!! You’re right that David Bowie wrote a song where he sang Ch-ch-changes and that’s exactly what I had in mind for the title of the post. What the other folks are referring to is the new title of the blog which was a popular song in the 90’s by Montel Jordan. LOL You’re so funny. I’m pretty sure we’re quite close in age! You probably just have more mature and classy taste than me. 🙂

    You’re so right. Finding the groove is good. We’re not there yet but we are getting closer! I’m sure it will continue to change over the years, too.

    thanks for making me smile this morning!


  12. lol – when I saw that, I was thinking… does she mean Michael Jordan? Or Montel Williams???


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