Posted by: whimsigal | July 21, 2008

We Have a Winner!! Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!!!

So I took the four names of the folks who entered the contest over at I said “hocus pocus” and “abracdabra” and Voila! The winner is…

contest winner.jpg


Yay! You are the recipient of an 11×14 print of this photo:

I have no doubt that it will look awesome in your Hawaiian inspired bathroom! Please post a pic on your blog when it’s all said and done. Email me your mailing information so I can get your print out to you asap!

Now, if the prize had gone to the commenter with the MOST comments then PiscesGrrrl would have had a lock on that for sure. LOL

Thanks to everyone who played. I enjoyed seeing which photos you chose and why you selected it.

Today is going to be kind of a slow day here for us. Ryan was a bit under the weather yesterday so I was up with him until 2am. Then Sean had to get up at 4am! Yikes! Ryan woke up for the day at 7am so there wasn’t much sleep to be had around here last night. Tomorrow, we’re beginning a new routine and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Thanks again for participating and Congratulations to Kim!!!!



  1. Oh NO WAY! Like I never win anything! Really. Never anything. But I won he best thing ever, a very cool pic, from and by friggin EVIE CURLEY,YO!
    Make sure you sign it, because you so are going to be/already are a photo star. Man, now for the down, I have to spiffy up the B room for a photo session… Thanks, Evie, for your contest! and thanks to the cyber gods and goddesses at random. Peace out! I am a smiley girl today, well I am most days, but my grin is wider than usual…

  2. Congrats Kim! 🙂 Sounds like it will be a fun pic in your bathroom. 🙂

  3. Crud. I was scouring your archives when our power went out. It is still out but now I’m camped out at MIL’s. Bah.

    Congrats to Kim!

    Hey EC, would you consider making an extra copy and entering it in the Food for Art benefit?

  4. MP, you want me to make a copy of the one that Kim won or do you want a different photo? I can do either!

    Hope your power comes back on soon. That’s pretty inconvenient!

    Kim, I’m still giggling over your comment! 🙂

  5. 🙂 I love all your photos. You seriously rock that camera!

    ps. Power is finally back on but now I have to spend the day mucking out the spoiled food and airing out the house.

    Luckily we saved our organic meat (6 months worth), but all else is lost.

  6. MP! I can’t pick! You’d have to do it!

    Thank goodness you were able to save that meat, that stuff is $$$ to replace!

  7. We lost much of our frozen home grown produce from the spring and early summer and all of our 2 weeks groceries bought on Sunday. I am trying to figure out what to do now. Looks like we’ll be eating salad and thawed meat for the next week! (Meat gets cooked of course) but no snacks but for whats in teh garden now.

  8. Oh and the picture above is great! I love the color. I love the composition. I had a hard time picking one from mine because I didn’t want to send them a picture of my kid. Or at least of her face. Is that weird? I also didn’t want to send a picture of food. That seemed, well, weird yet poetic/ironic. You know?

  9. Oh, and my favorite was a fair picture of something that was pink, a carousel piece?

  10. Well, I can do the fair picture or the umbrella picture above. You make the call! Also, is there any info I need on sizing or anything. Any special requirements or is a mounted, 11×14 ok?

    You can always email me, if you like!

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