Posted by: whimsigal | July 17, 2008

An Anniversary

This week last year, my husband bought me my digital camera and set me down a path that I never would have imagined traveling down on my own. It has turned into an amazing hobby for me and to commemorate that I’d like to have a contest of sorts. You go to my flickr page and pick out your favorite photo and come back here and tell me which one it is and why. I will randomly choose a winner and post their name on Monday morning. The winner will receive from me the print they chose as their favorite, professionally printed by my favorite lab, size 11×14, mounted and ready for framing. If you look at my sets, there is one titled interesting photos that might be fun for you to look through.

Here is the first photo I uploaded to flickr:
Black-Eyed Susan

And here is something more recent:
april 23 2008_61.jpg

I love taking pictures and love that other people think I’m halfway decent at it so I’d love to share that with you. Thanks to everyone who has offered me encouragement as I wandered through this newfound passion of mine and please enter the contest! You have until Sunday night, 12:00am Pacific Time to enter.

Now go forth and find your favorite photo!!!



  1. droplets.

    walk in the park6 was a close 2nd.

    Lovely boku shots in your photos. 🙂

  2. I like droplets, too!!! One of the first photos I took!

  3. THe kids are cute…but I love the Rosemary Potatoes picture. Creative set up, love the candlesticks in the background. And hey, I’m pregnant, what do you expect?

    I think I’ve won the only contest you ever had though so I’d feel kind of bad about winning this one!!

  4. No need to feel bad if you win! People have to be in it to win it. LOL

    Thanks to you both for entering!

  5. Ok, you DO know I have a big shebang on Saturday to get ready for, don’t you? And Jonathan’s birthday party #3 of 4 is tomorrow? And now I’m already getting distracted looking at your gorgeous photography???

    I wish we lived closer so you could tutor me!

  6. Wait, and I have to pick just one? You’re evil – I’m going to be here for hours. DAYS. 😉

  7. Ok, that’s it – I’m going with this one – apr92008_24.jpg

    I still want to eat her up.

    Shame on you for keeping me from my party-prep duties! (Ya, riiiiiight……)

  8. Ok, This phot grabbed my attention:
    See, we have this bathroom that the kids have dubbed the Hawaii bathroom. It has a grass skirt shower curtain, it has our lei’s from Hawaii, it has a vintage Hawaiian bath mat and soap dish. I picked up a few vintage Hawaiian Hula girl prints that I still have not framed. But I still have a bare wall that needs something. This photo would be absolutely perfect. I mean c’mon, it has all sorts of lovely colors and well, umm it’s a hibiscus print. So yes, I chose this photo because it would look ever so swell in our upstairs hawaii bathroom. ;.0-K

  9. Laura, I’m sorry to keep you from your party plans! lol Thank you for entering though. Now, Back to work with you!!

    Kim, how funny that your bathroom would match that photo!! I have a tropical bathroom as well. Well, a tropical Mickey Mouse Bathroom. Yours sounds quite cool!! A grass skirt shower curtain? I’m going to have to surf the net and see what that looks like!

  10. Oh, well let me be helpful. It is this one:

    It’s nice but two probs little 3 y.o boys like to pull the grass off and giggle, and if your wet and bend over to dry your legs the grass sticks to your butt.-K

  11. Oh wait! I just remembered that we get the print we chose if we win… and somehow, that just seems rather inappropriate for me to ‘ask’ for a picture of your niece! *blush* i’m a dope.

  12. And another question (and not merely because I hope to leave the most comments ever by one person)… there is no box to check on here to receive emails when you reply… is there? Just sayin’.

  13. Oops…I missed the deadline but just FYI, I have always loved this one:

    I think it is so sweet and it shows what a loving relationship your guys have with each other, and how much they both wanted to get picked!

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