Posted by: whimsigal | July 16, 2008

Friends are a blessing

In the mailbox today there was a package waiting for me. It was a rectangular manilla envelope. I knew instantly what it was because recently I entered a contest on Carri’s blog and was one of two lucky winners. Want to know what I got? Here! See for yourself!!!
Carri made this beautiful necklace and I LOVE it! It’s dainty and delicate. Plus, included with the necklace was a surprise. A book by one of my favorite authors. And then, in the small baggie with the necklace was this:
“A little bit of happy, just for you.” How is it that some people know just what to say to make you smile? I so needed this little note. It really made my day. Carri, you are so talented. I would totally buy a necklace like this and you need to make more and sell them on!!! If you haven’t been yet, please visit Carri’s blog. You will be so inspired by her gentle nature and her incredible gift for crafting things. Thank you, Carri! I really love it and am going to start reading the book tonight before I go to bed! I really consider myself blessed to count you as one of my friends.

Want to know what the kids have been up to? Well, they have discovered the Mythbusters and they are so into it! Here they are today, watching one of four episodes we have recorded.
watching mythbusters.jpg

They were watching an episode based on the TV Show from the 80’s called MacGyver.
mythbusters macgyver.jpg
It’s funny because never ever did I watch an episode of that show but I was familiar enough with it to follow along while the Mythbusters tried to prove or disprove some of the things that happened on that show. The Mythbusters is pretty awesome. They did another show on pirate lore that was incredibly fascinating. What really cracks me up is, when Sean is home, all three of them sit around watching it. I guess even big boys like to watch stuff blow up. LOL

Right now, the boys and I are snuggled up on the sofa watching our new favorite show, George Lopez. I’ll see you all tomorrow!!



  1. That was really sweet of Carri. I hope you are doing better. Did I drop the ball about going out to eat? I remember you saying you would check w/your sister & that’s all I remember. I’m home next week on my staycation.
    I think I’ve mentioned my daughter loves Myth Busters. Her other faves include Jon & Kate Plus 8 and the new Planet Green channel. My son … well Sports Center on ESPN of course.

  2. Mythbusters is a fun show!

    What a nice note & package to get. 🙂

    DVR’s are the best to have!

  3. Joan, I’m the ball dropper!! My sister likes Jon and Kate Plus 8, too.

    AY: I don’t know how my life went on before we got our DVR. I think I could live without my phone before I could live without the DVR! LOL Is that sad?


  4. What a pretty necklace, I will check on your friend’s blog.
    We love myth busters, destination truth on sci fi is a new fave in this house.-K

  5. *blush* thanks for such sweet words Evie. It really means a lot to me that you like my simple little gift.

    We love Mythbusters too!

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