Posted by: whimsigal | July 10, 2008

Musical Memories

See this girl?
it came from the eighties - evie.jpg
That’s me in 10th grade. 14 getting ready to turn 15. Our trip to PA had me traveling at light speed down memory lane because in order to survive an 8 hour road trip, you’ve got to have some tunes and most of the ones I listened to sent me way back into my high school years. As a result, I’ve been on itunes for the last little bit downloading some of my favorites.

I was a brooder and used to love hermitting myself away in my room, listening to the saddest songs I could find and then writing really bad poetry. What can I say it was my thing! My kids are just starting to get interested in music, more Ryan than Iain and it’s interesting to see how similar our tastes are. I can’t help but wonder if he’s going to shut himself in his room and write really bad poetry, too. Anyway, there were several songs that I liked but there was one in particular by an artist named Toni Childs. have you ever heard of her? She had a hit in the 80’s with a song called “Don’t Walk Away” and it prompted me to buy her album, “Union”. Well, anyone close to me will tell you I’m not real big on listening to every track on an album and will in most cases not listen to anything not released on the radio but this album was different. There was a song on there called, “Dreamer”, and I used to love to put it on when the skies were dark and rainy. I would lie on my bed and imagine myself anywhere but home, living some bohemian life somewhere, an artist or a poet. I’m not where I thought I’d be but I’m not discontent. It’s just funny what we imagine we’ll do when we’re young and how some people actually achieve those dreams and how others end up doing something completely different.

A little treat for you from me…..

Some other things I downloaded tonight….
Mercy Street – Peter Gabriel
Shock the Monkey – Peter Gabriel
Don’t You Want Me – Jody Watley (i love how she dressed!)

Oh, and because I know you’re DYING to know this. The first 45 I ever bought was this song….
The kids and I go C-R-A-Z-Y for it!!!!



  1. I was quite the brooder in junior high then got broke out of my shell in high school.
    I can’t really remember the music from junior high. In high school, The Police, Pat Benatar, Journey, and Van Halen were blasted from our cassette players. Of course, I’m a lot older than you.

  2. Hmm. I don’t think you’re THAT much older than me! A couple of years, maybe! You told me once but I can’t remember what year you graduated from HS.

    I remember Prince LIttle Red Corvette in Middle School, along with Jungle Love, by The Time. Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes. Every Breath You Take by The Police!! Good times, yo! Good times!!

  3. Evie! I am so glad to be back reading you. I was here when you first moved and left a long comment about soo understanding about the MIL thing and then was called away before I even sent it! Then, I lost you.

    I was a HUGE Toni Childs fan – my favorite one..Walk and Talk Like the Angels… Is that the name? And I love the one you posted. I was and am a big sad song junkie.

  4. That video! How did you ever remember that song ever existed? What a hoot.

    And your picture! I’m SURE we hung out. Sure of it. 🙂

  5. You are gorgeous and I can so see your sons’ smile in yours!

    I loved Toni Child too, and spend many a late night drawing bad pictures while listening to angst-ridden music in my room hehe

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