Posted by: whimsigal | July 8, 2008

Wanted to share some more pictures with you

So I think I mentioned before that when we travel to PA we have our choice of routes. Either I-95 or Highway 81. I-95 is a gamble because sometimes it’s faster but sometimes you get caught in some of the worst traffic of your life so we bet on 81 instead. It’s a beautiful drive up through the Shenandoah Valley and one I used to make when I visited my high school boyfriend who attended Virginia Military Institute. But I digress. We had to stop for gas on the way up and I was charmed by the gas pump that filled our car that day:

To me, this is an old-fashioned gas pump because you are required to go inside and pay. None of those fancy card swipers here. It reminded me of being 16 because these were the pumps around way back then. lol

Back on the road, we passed bucolic scene after bucolic scene. I had a Pioneer Woman moment and took a shot of cows in a field.
My Pioneer Woman moment
Ok, so they’re not my cows and we were whizzing by in a Volvo Wagon instead of a pickup truck but hey! A girl can dream….

As I said yesterday, I was pretty pooped when we got there so I went to bed but the next day we headed out for a local adventure. There was a park nearby our in-laws house with a clear, beautiful creek running through it so we all donned our Crocs or flops and headed into the water.
The water felt soooo good. The temperature was just right and the bottom of the creek wasn’t mucky. I hate mucky bottoms don’t you?
Did I mention it was really beautiful there?

The kids found plenty of things to look at in the water, bugs, fish, cool rocks:
After trekking through the creek for a while, we were pretty hot and thristy so our BIL took us all out for water ice. What a treat that was! If you haven’t had it, it’s sort of like a cross between a snow cone and sorbet. Smooth, sweet, and delicious!
I usually don’t like frozen treats like that but it was really, really good.

Here are a couple of gratuitous shots of the kids because I like them:

july 5, 2008_3.jpg

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when we were walking through the woods, we happened upon the biggest spider I’ve ever seen outside of the zoo.
fishing spider.jpg
He was HUGE. At least four inches across and if that doesn’t sound big, get out your ruler and try and imagine seeing a spider that size sitting on a rock in front of you. These things CATCH FISH and eat them. (((((shiver))))) I have the heebie jeebies just thinking about it!!!

Anyhoo, I just wanted to share some more photos with you from our trip. I’m actually thinking next year, as much fun as we have when we go, we’re going to stay here. It’s been three years since we spent the 4th of July at home and I’d kind of like to do that for a change.



  1. I love taking pictures of spiders. Very weird I know. Looks like a fun trip. Enjoy traveling while they are young and don’t have a teenage attitude.

  2. Nah, I don’t think that’s weird at all. I like taking pictures of them, too, I just hardly ever see any!

    We have a bit of attitude but nothing too bad yet. I don’t look forward to that!!

  3. Wow. I love bugs, but a fish eating spider? LOL

    Hey, I am searching your new site for a rss feed and can’t find it…..

  4. Seriously, you should have seen it. It was like a mini octopus. Ewwww!

    I just added an RSS feed. I had NO idea how t do it but thankfully the internet is chock full of “how-to’s”.

  5. Ohhh…those look like Rita’s water ice cups. Is there any other kind? I think I am usually in Philly for about 15 seconds before I start wanting water ice. Why haven’t they discovered it in other parts of the country? Water ice and real cheesesteak…why am I pregnant and can’t travel?? LOL. I guess we won’t be in Philly until Christmas.

  6. V-dub! they were indeed Rita’s water ice! What’s your favorite flavor? I got watermelon and it had real chunks of melon in it! Sooooo good!

    I haven’t had a real cheesesteak yet, though.

  7. I am just in love with your photos. Those were great, even the gas pump! That spider was something! My boy would have been loving it! See, I am a huge fan of Hawaiian shave ice, Matsumoto’s baby! I would love to try that water ice, sounds great!-Kim

  8. Thanks, Kim!!

    I haven’t had Hawaiian Shave ice before. I will have to keep my eye out for it though. Now I’m all about frozen treat goodness. LOL

  9. Hi, yup, I am ‘borrowing’ my cats’ blog to reply. I just sent your URL to my sister. She gets spiders almost as big – and, they look very similar to the one you found……cousins??

    Have a great day,


  10. Nina, how cute is the cat blog??? Good grief!

    I’m sorry that your sister has spiders like that! They give me the willies. LOL

  11. That spider is just scary.. I am so glad that you saw it and not me. LOL! 🙂

    I love the picture of the kids and creek.

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