Posted by: whimsigal | July 7, 2008


It’s so good to be home. You know how it is. you spend months and months agonizing about how badly you want to take a trip and then, at some point during your adventure, you can’t wait to get home. Seriously, we were soooo close to packing up the car and leaving on Saturday night! All in all, we had a very nice time. Our in-laws were extremely hospitable and our nieces were totally adorable.

We left Wednesday, much later than anticipated because Sean can’t ever get out of work when he says he’s going to. I need to learn to tack on an hour and a half to whatever time he tells me because that’s about what it works out to be. Anyway, I drove the first four hours and then we stopped to grab a bite to eat. When we got in the car to continue the drive, I was hit out of the blue with the headache from hell and I spent the next four hours cowering under a blanket, whimpering, praying I wasn’t going to throw up the baked potato I just inhaled at Wendy’s. We made it to PA around 11:00pm and I took a shower and went straight to bed. The next dew days were spent just hanging out, mostly, catching up. Thursday night we set off some fireworks and burned some sparklers.

There were more fireworks on the 4th but Ryan is deathly afraid of them so I stayed inside with him while my husband and his brother lived out their pyrotechnic fantasies. On Saturday, my sister-in-law was tired of us all being underfoot and put out the mandate that we all leave the house. She had the stupid genius idea of going to the aquarium in NJ on a holiday weekend. Noooo, it wasn’t packed at all. 🙂

We got up and drove home on Sunday and, despite not having a working DVD player, we had a great drive back. It didn’t feel like 8 hours at all. Maybe because I was just ready to get home. Anyway, it’s nice to have hit the reset button so we can hit the ground running. I feel inspired to do some fun things around here so stay tuned….



  1. Welcome Home! I love the pictures and really sounds like a good trip. Were Melvin and Lily thrilled to see you?

  2. Hey!! they were!! Lily is such a turd though. Yesterday I had to run an errand and I put her in the house in case it rained. While we were gone, she pulled the cushions off one of the sofas and PEED on the sofa!!!! I was ready to give her up and I just sat and cried for about 5mins. Ugh.

    You want another dog? lol

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