Posted by: whimsigal | June 27, 2008

Still developing my photo skills

Since picking up photography as a hobby last year and even deciding recently to go into it professionally, I still work almost every day at honing my skills. It’s really wild at the age of 36 of have stumbled across something I’m this passionate about. It begs the question, what else is in store? Anyway, I took some pictures a while back of the boys in a plaid chair that usually sits unused in our living room. Iain and I dragged the chair outside and I proceed to take some pictures. Well, they got downloaded to my computer and I forgot all about them. Until today. Since I shoot in RAW and not JPEG, all my photos have to be developed and then saved as a JPEG. It can be a time consuming task but here is what I worked on. Please tell me what you think!

plaid chair_0021.jpg

a boy and his dog B&W.jpg

I really like these.  Focus is something that in the past has been really hit or miss for me.  If the eyes in a photo are out of focus then the rest of the photo can seem out of focus as well.  But I’ve been practicing a lot and feel like I’ve finally gotten the hang of it!

Today, we’re having some friends over and then we’re heading down to the park for lunch and playtime.  We may not stay too long, depending on how hot it is down there.



  1. The picture of Ryan is insanely gorgeous! How far away do you live again? How much would I have to pay you to come to Nashville and take pictures of my little one? LOL.

    I am a sucker for good photography, I suppose. We drove over 2 hours to have someone wonderful take our engagement pictures (and paid for her to come to Richmond from Maryland for our wedding). if you’re interested!

  2. Thanks, V-Dub!! 🙂

    Both photos are actually Iain, I know it’s hard to tell in the bottom, and they are often mistaken for twins, believe it or not!! I’m in Greensboro which is 7 hours away from you. I just checked. LOL

    Thanks for the link to that website! I save photographers sites in my bookmarks because I love looking at other people’s work. I would be So flattered and honored to take the pictures of your baby! I wish you weren’t so far away!!!


  3. Maybe someday we’ll be closer. My DH has one more year of school and then we’re going to try to move back to the East Coast. All our parents live in Philadelphia and we’d love to be closer to them.

  4. Hey! We’re going to Philly next week! I will wave to your parents when we’re on the road. LOL

  5. I absolutely adore that last picture! IS the dog a german shorthaired pointer? We had one. We had to find him a new home due to my boys’ allergies. I still miss him everyday.

  6. Thank you! She is a GSP! We totally love her. Even when she tears things up.

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