Posted by: whimsigal | June 25, 2008

Took the final step today

Just a few minutes ago, I pressed the button.  You know, the one that allows me to delete my old blog.  I sat and stared at it for a good minute or two, thinking about all that had happened that culminated in the decision to move my entire blog to a new place.  Like I entered the witness protection program or something!  The last year had been recorded there, the good, the bad, the ugly and about 6 months in, I made the foolish decision to share the blog with my family.  For the most part, it wasn’t a big deal.  In my family, we tell each other how we feel and get over it so nothing I said on my blog would ever cause hard feelings.  In Sean’s family, they bottle everything up and never talk about what’s bothering them so to acually utter hard words towards them is a sin.  Of course, I didn’t realize that when I wrote a post about my MIL’s husband, otherwise, I would have thought twice about it but I didn’t and they got pissed.  And so there I was, sitting in front of the delete button, hesitating to let go of that year, even though I transferred all of it here.  But, I did it!  I deleted it and now, unless it’s through pure, dumb luck, my MIL and SIL won’t find me here.

It is a big relief to be here and thanks to all of you who emailed me and asked to come along.  I didn’t realize how many people actually read my blog!  Look for an unschooling post later today.  The boys and I did something fun yesterday.



  1. That had to be a little emotional. When I met 2 of my blogging friends for the first time last week I told a few stories. They said I should put them on my blog – it would be great reading material but I can’t. They are involving actually people who I have to be around and they take everything the wrong way.

  2. Yes, you definitely don’t want to open that can of worms!! If they’re people who can’t take it then certainly don’t do it. You’ll just have to share them with me! lol

    It was a little emotional. I’m a pack rat person anyway so it was really hard for me to let that place go. I recognize that I brought it all on myself. I never should have shared the blog with her.

    Water under the bridge now!

  3. It would be hard to delete my blog, even after moving the content. Hugs. Glad you sent the link to your new blog!

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