Posted by: whimsigal | June 25, 2008

Our Science Experiment Yesterday

For his birthday, Iain got a science kit from my MIL. It was a safe choice because the kids likes making “potions” and such so I promised him that we’d do something from it yesterday morning. After looking through the book that came with the kit, Iain selected an experiment that involved burning a candle on both ends.

We tried it first with a birthday candle, but that didn’t work out.
science experiment.jpg

Then I dug out some candles that I’d purchased a while ago. They didn’t fit in any of my candleholders but I kept them anyway. Never know when you’re going to need a candle. So we had to cut the candle into a 3″ piece and shape both ends to look like a sharpened pencil. Then, you light one end, let it burn a bit and blow it out then do the same to the other end. Once that step is complete, you measure the candle, find the center, and stick a straight pin in it. We had to use two because the candle was too thick for just one. Once the pin is in, place it on two height-equal supports and light both ends. We did and waited to see what would happen. Frankly, I thought it was going to start spinning like a sparkler or something. But this is what happened:

science experiment 2.jpg

Not too much going on here. Just some burning. Hey wait, it’s burning pretty quickly!

science experiment 3.jpg

Dang, what is going to happen when these two flames meet? Combustion?!

science experiment 4.jpg
Whoa, I feel like I’m at a rock concert…FREEBIRD!!!! That’s one big flame. Now what?

science experiment 5.jpg

Hmph. don’t know if that’s what was supposed to happen but the candle melted so much that the pin couldn’t support it anymore and the burning wick dropped into a pool of wax and burned out. We had placed a bed of soaking wet papertowels underneath our experiment in order to prevent forest fires. Oh wait, I mean just a regular fire because obviously we don’t live in a forest.

It was cool and fun and the boys loved it because it involved “FIRE”. Can’t you just hear Beavis now?

Beavis fire

Speaking of Beavis…my sister and I would cry whenever he became Cornholio. Oh lord, it’s the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure really. 🙂


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