Posted by: whimsigal | June 23, 2008

Trying something new

I’ve been experiencing some health issues for a while now. Over the past few years, I’ve attributed them to different things but some recent reading has lead me down a different path. As a result, I’m experimenting with something new, gluten-free/wheat-free foods. I am going to spare you the details of my symptoms but it really does seem like an intolerance for wheat could be the culprit of what’s been making me suffer. It’s fairly simple to figure out if that is indeed what the problem is, all I have to do is an elimination diet. A friend told me that it will take 60 days to see and feel any changes so it will definitely require some patience on my part.

Anyone out there live gluten-free? Can you recommend any websites or books that I can look into?

Sean and I think we’re both intolerant of wheat based on what we’ve read so there’s a good chance the kids are, too, which explains a lot frankly. I’m going to wean the kids off slowly, don’t think they could go cold turkey and look for things to substitute for their favorite foods.

Any tips are welcome!



  1. A friend of mine is gluten-free. I’ll ask her for some resources. She has a terrific recipe for gluten-free bread. I’ll try to get that for you too!

  2. That would be awesome Colleen!! Thank you!

  3. I’m sorry they’re giving you hell.
    BUt you’re right – a blog is a journal, and you need to be able to “say what you gotta say”.

  4. Thanks, Steph! It’s poetic and perfect that you, my first blogging friend, were the first person to post a comment over here.



  5. I’m so sorry things are so crazy. You definitely should say whatever you want to say in your space and since they can’t seem to take it or stay away, I think you made the right choice.

    As for gluten-free. Have you ever visited the gluten-free girl blog? Her blog is awesome! She has lots of links to resources and she has even written a book about her life since going gluten-free. I haven’t read the book yet, but if it is anything like her blog, I just know it is incredibly inspiring. She also has lots of recipes on the site too. I just can’t say enough. I think you’ll love it.

  6. First off, my condolences – eating a gluten-free diet is a big fat pain in the *ss. 😉

    That said, yep, been there. Jonathan was on a very strict whole foods diet that was also gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free. It didn’t take 60 days to see a change in him – it took like SIX days. He was a changed kid. Think autism spectrum – then think not. Woohoo!

    One of the biggest challenges is being hungry because whole grain products give you a feeling of fullness. Keeping things on hand to munch on is key, we found. We’d make big batches of things he could eat and liked so he could nosh when hungry, which for him was all the time! Protein will help with this – keep nuts handy. And I carry a jar of nut butter and spoon with me – no lie.

    I promise that no matter what, eating a gluten-free whole-foods diet will have you feeling better. These days, with the amount of alternative products available, it’s a bit easier, but another thing to remember is don’t expect the alternatives to taste like the original thing. Retrain your taste buds to like new foods – this can be inspiration to experiment in the kitchen!

    And now I have to go hunting for a live mouse that my cat brought into the house, didn’t kill, and then lost in the laundry room. *sigh* Cue shrieking and lots of false-alarm-jumps onto chairs.

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