Posted by: whimsigal | June 18, 2008

June 18

Today we went to my mom’s house.
ryan at nanas.jpg
See, I’m broke because I suck at handling the finances so I had to go to my parents house and borrow money until my stimulus check arrives. It felt pretty pitiful going over there and getting a check from two people who have already given me so much in my life. Anyway, they were very generous and kind about the whole thing and even watched the kids while I went to the bank to deposit the money they gave me. When I left, Iain was playing Indiana Jones on my parent’s Wii and when I returned, this is what they were doing…
No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed math on that paper. Apparently, after I left, Iain began a conversation about a function he saw on my parents calculator and that jettisoned them into discussing fractions and multiplication. Oh, and see that sideways 8? That’s the infinity sign, or so Iain tells me. You can see that he incorporated it into a math problem: infinity times a kidney equals?? My mom’s answer was “peeing forever”. LOL Iain said it meant an infinite kidney. He’s very literal, that one. I liked my mom’s answer a lot frankly.

Hey, Mom! can you teach them how to balance the checkbook? When they’re old enough to need to borrow money, you won’t be around to help them and I’m so bad with $$ that I won’t be any help! Just asking.

Here’s an interesting development in our world, Iain has started a blog! His latest entry is about being a “hyper human”, something he and his brother know A LOT about. It fascinates me that he has taken an interest in this, perhaps because he sees me doing it. Whatever the motivation, I think it’s awesome and I’m glad he has an outlet where he can express himself.
iain in driveway at nanas.jpg

In my last post, I wrote about my SIL who is still being a baby and refusing to be around me and attend Iain’s party and I want to be clear about who that is NOT. My sister sometimes comments here and her name is Betty75 or Beth. She is my sister, we grew up together, and we are married to brothers. She is in a way my SIL but in no way, shape, or form, is she the one who is not coming to Iain’s party. No, that honor belongs to my DH’s sister. I just wanted to be sure everyone is aware that my sister (Betty75) is cool and is not currently giving me the cold shoulder. That COULD change, lol, but for now, we’re all good.

And just for poops and giggles, here are some pictures of my parents’ dogs. This one is Ginny, she’s a Yorkie.
The shorter-haired, slightly less attractive one is Mac.
He is a chihuahua/yorkie mix. His full name is Ewan MacGregor. Yes, it is!! No, I’m NOT kidding. It’s kind of a funny story actually. When the latest round of Star Wars movies came out, my sister and I were talking about them with my mom and a trailer came on TV with Ewan in it. My mom looked at the TV and sighed dreamily, “Ahhhh. That Yoda is one F-I-N-E-lookin’ man!” After my sister and quit peeing ourselves laughing we explained that Ewan doesn’t play Yoda. yoda’s the green dude. Fast Forward to last year when my parents buy their Chorkie. He was one of the ugliest puppies you’ve ever seen and my mom thought he looked like Yoda so what did she name him? Ewan MacGregor, of course. Aren’t you glad I explained all that?

Ok, you may carry on now. LOL



  1. Hey–what is a yorkie like? We’re starting to research what kind of dog to get, and hubby loves the look of yorkies, but we know nothing about their temperament. Are they barky? needy? difficult? high maintenance?

  2. Yorkies are great dogs! My parents had one for 13 or 14 years and she was awesome. Yes, they are barky, as well as headstrong but they’re so joyful and full of personality, too. Be choosy. Go with a breeder, not a pet store. Really get to know a puppy before you get one. If you get the right one, you won’t ever regret it because they are incredible dogs!

  3. Oh, their both so cute! To just be able to say the name Ewan MacGregor each day would be enough to send me reeling into fantasy land. Mmmm….

    And may I just add – that top photo is gorgeous. I had to just gaze at it a while before I could get to reading the actual post. I absolutely love everything about it.

  4. Thanks, Carri! I really loved that shot, too.

    Isn’t the human Ewan just dreamy??? I love him.

  5. there is that expression “so ugly it’s cute” it may apply here.

  6. This was a funny post and it is why I visit you here. Gorgeous photos, unschooly things, family drama, a cute dog an ugly cute dog, a funny name story…
    Covers it all!-K

  7. LOL Joan I think you’re right about that!

    MamaK, thank you! I’m happy I was able to cover all the bases! 🙂 Your summarizing comment actually made m e laugh to, to see it all laid out there like that.


  8. Just saying hello. Love the blog.

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