Posted by: whimsigal | June 16, 2008

"Barack Obama is against everything I’m for!"

Those were the words uttered by my nearly 9 year old last night as we watched the news clip of Obama telling parents to turn off the TV and video games and read to their children. “Barack Obama is against video games, which means he’s against everything I stand for! I can’t vote for him now.”

Iain seemed genuinely distressed that his hero, his first candidate for president, had a vendetta against two of his favorite pastimes. However, once I explained to Iain that all Obama was trying to say was that it is important for parents to take an interest in their children, and take an interest in helping them grow as many skills as possible he calmed down. Once he knew that Obama was not going to take office and outlaw video games for kids, he was back on Obama’s team again. 🙂 Sean and I were both tickled and intrigued by his interest and perspective.

In other news, on Saturday my sister and I took our kids over to our parents house so we could give my father his father’s day present. While we were there, I snapped these pictures of my niece enjoying a popsicle.

This is the moment when my niece has realized she may have bitten off more than she can chew. The shock of the cold is just now settling across her face!

that is cold2.jpg
Oh man, it’s just not getting any better! It just keeps feeling colder and colder!

Oh, thank god, it finally melted enough for me to swallow it. Brain freeze is not fun.

not so bad.jpg
Hmph. There’s still some left. I’ll just take a smaller bite this time. 🙂

And here are the three amigos, sharing their popsicles on the steps behind my parents house.

Sunday, Sean, the boys, and I all went to see Kung Fu Panda which, if you haven’t seen it yet, please do so ASAP. It is a very good movie!!

Today, the boys and I are expecting to begin a new “thing” where we spend time together, writing stories, playing games. Doing things specifically together instead of just existing in the same house. I’m really looking forward to that.

Iain’s birthday is Friday and he’s having a family party on Saturday and a couple of friends over on Sunday to celebrate. If you will remember, there was some family drama a few months ago and my MIL and SIL refused to attend my youngest’s birthday. Well, this go round, my MIL bucked up and is coming to Iain’s party on Saturday. My SIL, not so much. Her loss. She won’t be getting another invitation from this house, of that you can be sure.

On the photography front, I have a test website up at Check it out when you get a chance. Any feedback is appreciated!



  1. I like the whimsical feel and use of that word on your site. Are you going to include more of your pictures on the opening page? You have so many great ones of kids.

    We looved Kung Fu Panda. Best kids’ movie I’ve seen in forever.

    And Obama’s quote is upsetting to me too. He hasn’t been through the learning experiences we have I guess. ; ) But I’m still a fan.

    My boys and I write together too. It came form them watching me write and wanting to do it too. At first they just wanted to do stories but suddenly they both switched to journal writing. It’s been so much fun to witness.

  2. Hey Madeline! Thanks for taking the time to go look at the site. You would not believe what I went through trying to get all that up there! I do want more pictures on the opening page and actually had more but couldn’t get it to work. I’m having a hard time choosing which ones to put up, too. I have a lot to change on there as I am not very happy with the wording on some of the pages. It’s definitely a work in progress. Thank you so much for your feedback, it’s VERY helpful.

    I’m actually torn about this election. I know Obama is probably going to get it and if I don’t have my heart set on anyone then I will probably honor my children’s choice and pick him.

    It’s awesome that your boys keep journals! They will love to go back and read through those when they’re older. That is a precious gift for them to give themselves!

    Thanks again, Madeline!


  3. Love the popsical pics!

    Also gotta love dramas at family get togethers. That’s one of the things we miss living in another country as there is ALWAYS a drama on hubby’s side!

    Off to check out your photography site now.


    PS thanks for the encouragement re hubby’s back op. Good to know that someone else has been through it and survived!

  4. I think it’s great that he takes the video games thing seriously.
    He didn’t say “he wants to take away my games”, he said “he’s against what I stand for.”
    Interesting that he sees the politics in it, and that he is willing to withdraw his support from someone he deems encroaching upon his freedom in that way.

  5. Cate, thank goodness we don’t have to worry about it for a long time after Iain’s birthday!

    My belief is that he sees the politics because Sean and I have been closely following things this season and Iain has been asking questions and learning about the process. We had the same thought you did though and were really surprised by both his choice of words and his determination to fight for something he believes in.

  6. I’m picturing these collection stations where all these cute kids are lined up turning in their video games in January if Obama is elected. Too funny. My son would do everything in his power to hold onto his games.
    I glanced quickly at the website a few days ago and liked it. I meant to say something but got sidetracked communicating about our dinner.

  7. I love your website. I love the opening page.

    I am smiling at the idea of Iain being against a candidate because of the video games. I can see my son doing that. My oldest hasn’t really been too interested in the election. I am sure as it gets closer he will get more into it.

    That last photo of the kids on the porch is wonderful! I love pictures like that. I have a couple of my family that I cherish.

  8. gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I saw that you entered Pioneer Woman’s Zune contest. I’m having a contest on my blog right now to win 1 of 2 Nintendo DS systems. You should enter! 🙂

  9. Very cool blog… found you from the link over at “Because I Said So”.

  10. Love the pics, the last one is so awesome! That is so funny that your son is anti-Obama b/ of the video game quote. Everyone has their priorities, right? LOL:)

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