Posted by: whimsigal | June 1, 2008

Lemonade Stand, Stormy Weather, and Lost Dogs

Yesterday the boys wanted to have a lemonade stand. See, they’ve been wanting a little extra pocket money because, well, who doesn’t? So while I attended a baby shower, Sean and the boys set up their stand and the boys went to work.

lemonade stand.jpg

There they sat in the front yard.

lemonade stand2.jpg

“Lemonade for sale!”, were the cries heard round the neighborhood. Apparently it was the siren call to all who live nearby because in one short hour, the boys made $9.00. Not too shabby for an hour’s worth of this:

lemonade stand 3.jpg

Needless to say they were quite pleased with themselves and immediately wondered how they would enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Later that day, a severe storm rushed over our little ‘hood and knocked down trees and power lines and was pretty scary for a while. We went for a walk to survey all the damage and managed to find some beauty along the way.

calm after the storm.jpg

calm after the storm2.jpg

It was hard to believe that just a little while before the winds were howling, the trees seemed to walk across the yard, and hail was falling from the sky. Back home we went and settled in for a snuggly evening together. It was around 9:30 when I realized that I hadn’t heard or seen the dogs in a while and I stepped out the back door and called for them. Usually Lily, our baby, comes running right away but the only thing that greeted me last night was darkness. Instantly I knew something was wrong and my eyes flew over to the gate and to my horror, it was open. The dogs were gone!! Not one to remain calm in a crisis I began sobbing immediately. You see, Melvin, our oldest dog and resident snake killer, is a wanderer. He loves us but won’t look back if he gets out so I knew right then that I wouldn’t see them loping through the gate at any minute. Not only is Melvin a wanderer but Lily, our sweet baby, totally adores Melvin and goes where he leads. They were gone. We scoured the neighborhood until 11:00 with no luck and the kids and I could do nothing but cry until we finally fell into an unsettled sleep. At 6:30am, Sean and I woke up and he went straight to Kinkos to get some signs printed up. All I could do was weep because I thought we would never see them again. At 9am, the phone rang and it was Sean telling me that he had found the dogs! Apparently someone on the other side of the neighborhood took them in and kept them at their house overnight. Sean said when he got there, Melvin and Lily were relaxing by the pool. traitors!!

I cannot begin to tell you the relief I felt when Sean got out of the car and the dogs were with him. It was such a miracle because I truly didn’t think we’d ever see them again. They didn’t have their tags on so all just seemed lost. Please, I know it’s annoying to see a dog wandering through your neighborhood but, as long as it’s not foaming at the mouth like Old Yeller, please consider taking the time to approach it and take it in. You may just be saving some family pet that inadvertently escaped it’s home. Thank you, neighbors. You are really special people! Also, be sure to properly identify your animal. That’s my PSA for today, thank you very much.

We’re expecting more bad weather today so keep your fingers crossed that it’s nothing more serious than the storm we had yesterday. that one was bad enough!

Hope you have enjoyed a wonderful weekend wherever you are!



  1. I am so glad that they were safely found! My dog has on her collar without her tag right now. I will heed your PSA and find that tag or get a new one.

  2. We’ve been thinking about setting up a lemonade stand. Looks like your boys had fun.

    I’m so glad ya’ll mad it through the weather okay. And I am especially happy that you found the dogs. Thanks goodness for helpful neighbors.

  3. Madeline, I can’t emphasize the importance of tagging a dog enough! Definitely do what you can to spare yourselves the heartbreak we went through on Saturday night.


    Amen sister, to good and kind neighbors. I only wish I knew their names! Today, I dropped a thank you card in the mail to them and included 4 movie passes. It’s so little in comparison to what they did but we wanted to acknowledge their kindness! Keep us posted on whether you guys do a lemonade stand or not!


  4. Egads! My dogs do that now and then. It is a scary thing! Glad all is well! Think about micro chipping. Hubby is a vet and he says it’s a simple quick procedure ( think Shot) procedure! This way if the take of while having a bath ( mine did) it can still be tracked back to you! So glad all is well!-K

  5. I’m glad you found your dogs! Yay for good samaritans!

    And the lemonade stand? Oh man I’m a sucker for a good lemonade stand, and then I “tip” big, and then I go home and make all my family and neighbors go visit too because it’s just so cool to see kids doing their thing like that. I used to try to set up lemonade stands and car washes, but we lived in the cornfields… so….

  6. Oh, how scary.

    What a day you’ve had. And congratulations to your little business people. They’ve got it going on. 🙂

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