Posted by: whimsigal | April 22, 2008

I ain’t Martha but I ain’t half bad neither

Please, excuse the poor grammar in the title but I just couldn’t resist! This was a busy weekend. We had the science fair, baseball, and then we had this…
nightmare on my street.jpg

Well, not really that bad. Since the boys got their own rooms, we were actually able to cut down on a lot of this clutter thankfully. It was still messy though so we all pitched in and got it looking like this:

activity table.jpg
We flip-flopped the activities in the room and now have all of the boys crafts, coloring books, reading materials, etc at the front of the room with a big table. It’s nothing fancy or big deal but just this one step really cut down on the clutter we were experiencing. Also, we moved the boys’ computers and TV’s into their rooms so that really helped, too.

home gym.jpg
This is what was in the spot currently held by the activity table. All this glorious gym equipment that hardly ever gets used oh, and my vacuum cleaner that falls into the same category. LOL

I’m not sure why but this arrangement just works so much better. In our quest for an organized life, we cleaned out the two closets in the playroom. One held a bunch of kitchen equipment refugees, things I use but just don’t have room for in the kitchen. The other held tons of board games and VHS tapes and DVD’s. So we did the flip-flop again.
game closet.jpg
We sorted the games into categories: kids, family, and grownups (ryan’s categories) and the kids games all got moved upstairs while the family and grownups games stayed in this closet you see here. Ryan and Iain were wonderful help on this project!

Our next move was to put all of the kitchen supplies into the other closet:
misc closet.jpg
This is great because now I can see where everything is and I don’t have to pull all the stuff out of the closet to get to one pan. There are still some toys in there that the boys outgrew and then there’s my naked Cabbage Patch Doll, but for the most part it has become the home for kitchen things, extra bags, and the dogs’ food and bowls. It has been wonderful having all these things in here!

Y’all, I got so crazy with cleaning that I even cleaned off the top of my washer/dryer and now I can actually fold clothes on top of it!
laundry room.jpg
It just feels good to be able to do that and not have to fight the army of giant lint balls that had formed a front line on top of my equipment. It had become straight-up crazy in there.

De-cluttering has been traveling through the house, slowly but surely. It moved from the playroom to the family room:
family room.jpg
Believe me, I’m well aware that our home is not perfect. It’s still a messy place but it just feels SO much better now. I’ve been keeping our room clean, making up the bed every day, and what a difference that makes. It’s just an overall sense of peace that we’re all experiencing now and I have no doubt that it’s due to cleaning up all that clutter.

The boys’ rooms are not perfect either and that’s ok. It’s more manageable having it separated instead of it being one giant hellstorm. They really seem to be happy with it, too. They can find things easier and they enjoy their own space. All in all, our house has been a happy, busy place for the past few days. A trend I’m hopeful will continue in the days to come!



  1. Spring cleaning must be in the air! I’ve been on a mission to re-organize, put things in see through plastic boxes, and declutter. Usually this drive passes after a day, but it’s been a week and I’m still going strong! It’s almost like nesting, but without a baby at the end. 🙂

    I think your home looks GREAT!!!

  2. Great job! We swapped a couple of rooms over a few months ago and it’s worked out really well. You’ve got me thinking about that big table though – I can see that would be very useful in our “school room”.. Hmm, thinking!

  3. Secret agent! I think you’re right. Spring is bringing out all kinds of things! LOL I love what you said about it being like nesting because that is SO true. I’ve been like a woman possessed and I don’t see an end in site yet!

    I think we all need to move things around once in a while don’t you? Oh and about the big table? I love it. Best $25 I have spent. It’s great for all of us to sit around when we’re working on things and it’s a rough and tumble piece, unlike my kitchen table. I don’t have to worry about it getting paint, play doh, and the like on it.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


  4. I think that your home looks great!

    I have been torn between giving my house a complete and thorough spring cleaning and wrapping up our school year. I keep thinking that there is only another month or so left.

    Decisions, decisions.

  5. oh man…I hang my head in shame….In shame I tell you! I need to clean this house sooo bad…and I even bought tons of cleaning supplies! Maybe i wont run away this weekend for a change and actually stay home and clean and get things in order lol. Maybe having a clean home will make me want to actually stay home rather then runaway! Now theres a concept!

    Great job on the science fair btw! You guys did great! We still half of one done, but we will be finishing it soon for her school project…thats kinda cool actually haha We wont be waiting and stressing at the last minute

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    Tammy Knight, RDH

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