Posted by: whimsigal | April 13, 2008

Mets Win! Mets Win!

Iain had his first baseball game on Saturday and it went incredibly well! Last year, Iain played soccer in our local recreational league but there was nothing recreational about it. it was very intense and competitive and Iain wasn’t at the same skill level as many of his teammates. This year, he wanted to try baseball and after our dissatisfaction with soccer I was really hesitant to let him do it but he wanted to so we went with it. Thank goodness! It’s so much more laidback and all the kids really seem to get along well. Sure there’s plenty of “I’m going to kill the ball!” but usually those are the folks who end up using the “T”. Iain included. 🙂 He had so much fun yesterday and now I see what people mean when they say that kids can boost their self-esteem by being involved with team sports. It just has to be the right sport for them.

A Hit!

More photos from the game HERE.

Last week, there was a day when my sister and I took the kids out to Guilford Battleground park and I took some pictures. I’ve been trying to experiment with light and with my post processing techniques and feel like I’m getting a little bit better all the time. Here are a few from the other day:

rock star



See the rest of the photos HERE.

There is so much to learn and sometimes it seems overwhelming. I have taken over 20,000 pictures since last July when I got my camera. Can you believe that?



  1. the pictures look great! You know, the book that the colleges use here when they teach photoshop is just the Adobe Photoshop CS3 Classroom in a book by Adobe Creative Team. You can find it on Amazon for about $35 and will teach ya all you ever wanted to know about Photoshop lol. I took the course but I still dont have photoshop on my own computer at home haha.

    Anyway, my daughter just started Volleyball and she is loving every second. She seems to have found something she not only loves but is really good at. Its such a good feeling to see your children glowing with pride in something they have accomplished!

    Ok….enough rambling hahaha

  2. Dude, when I read the title, I kept hearing Will Ferrell as Harry Carey. It keeps cracking me up.

  3. I love pictures of kids walking. These are really beautiful, Evie.

  4. Beautiful pictures! And yes, I can believe the number of photos because i got my camera almost a year ago and have gone crazy as well. I would love to start processing soon. I don’t have a program yet. I did finally get a DVD that describes in detail how to use the different features of my specific camera. But a class would be smart.

  5. Those kids are so precious. 🙂

  6. Your pictures are awesome! I love the bottom two.

    Just goes to show it depends upon the kid, the sport, and the teammates. We have the opposite situation – soccer kids great, baseball not so much/bad experience. Glad he is enjoying it!

  7. Hi, I found your blog through the Imperfect Homeschooling Ring. I love your blog.

    I love your last picture. My favorite pictures of my kids are of the ones when they are walking away.

    Do you mind if I add you to my blog roll?

  8. Summer Fae, please feel free to add me!

    THanks to everyone for your comments!

    Sorry I haven’t poked my head in here sooner. It’s been a crazy week.


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