Posted by: whimsigal | April 11, 2008

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

It was the first really beautiful day in over a week. The sun was beaming down from the sky early in the morning and we found ourselves inspired to get out of the house and breathe that sunshine in. The boys and I called my sister and asked her to bring Makena and meet us down at the park for a good old romp in the creek. My sister had just gotten out of the shower so she said she’d meet us there.

We donned our Crocs and shorts and nearly ran down to the park. It was gorgeous and warm and sunny and we felt exilerated just to be outdoors. Once we arrived at the creek, the boys waded in to the water. It wasn’t deep, maybe up to their knees at it’s deepest point, but it was chilly! They meandered up a ways and I sat on the shore. As I sat, I was surrounded by silence with the exception of the chorus of bird’s voices that reached my ears. The boys were playing in the water a little bit away from me and while their voices could be heard, I just concentrated on the essence of their conversation. The joy, the liberation, the complete innocence of being there hit me like a hammer. Here we were, enjoying this beautiful spring day and thank goodness they were with me and not stuck in a classroom somewhere. In that moment I was again reminded of how amazing an opportunity it is to be able to share even the simplest of moments with my children, without the constraints of others expectations. For a blink of an instant I felt a tinge of regret that we hadn’t known about unschooling sooner and tried to imagine what their lives would have been like if we had. But then I pushed all those thoughts from mind as I didn’t want to invite any clouds into our sunshiny day. Those thoughts aren’t positive anyway and I decided to focus on the goodness the day was bringing.

My sister and Makena showed up a little while later and the three kiddies played and splashed and explored their world in the creek. They had such a good time and were pretty soaked when all was said and done but there was no complaining about it. My sister and Makena walked back home and the boys and I headed up the creek to explore a little further. When they tired of that, they climbed up the bank and we headed for home ourselves. I felt so good and so full of love in that moment and it was a high I can’t remember ever experiencing before. It just felt…Right. Right to have them home with me and learning and living life like we do. I am so happy with this life and completely adore my family and thank my lucky stars every day that we’re able to do this.



  1. Rock on. I have been feeling the love and joy of it all in it’s most simplest forms lately too. I love this life of ours.-K

  2. I wonder if it’s something about spring? you know, everything around us is in re-birth, maybe we experience it, too.

  3. I’ve been thinking it was due to spring as well, this feeling that i share with you and that you articulated so beautifully.

  4. Thanks Madeline!

  5. What a great morning you had! I love those moments when of joy that come when realizing how lucky we are to be with our children and they are not stuck in a classroom. Think of all we would miss! You said it so well. 🙂

  6. Amen.

  7. Beautiful morning indeed! I adore those moments!

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