Posted by: whimsigal | April 1, 2008

An Invitation From Iain, Please Join Us!

Last night, Iain had a wonderful idea and he’s very excited about it. He wants to have a science fair! We talked about it today and decided that we would invite everyone out there in the blogosphere to participate. It’s not a competition, just an invitation to work on your favorite topic or just something you wanted to learn more about yourself. Parental assistance is encouraged! Iain wanted to work on a project and thought it would be fun to see if other kids of all ages would do it, too.

If you’re interested, please leave a comment for me here AND email me at When you email me I will send you this jpg to put on your site which will let others know you are participating in this event.

2008 science fair2.jpg

There are no rules. Your project can be about whatever you want. You can present it on your blog on April 19th in pictures, words, or video. It’s totally up to you! I will put links here to all the blogs that are participating in the Science Fair. We’re really excited and hope many of you will join us. We think it could be so much fun and we can learn a lot from one another’s interests. It doesn’t need to be a crazy in-depth project. It can be whatever you want. The only “rule” is that it should be on your blog on April 19th so I can put a link to it here.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!!!



  1. We’re in!

  2. Man, I just threw my daughter’s board away. She did hers on Galileo and mass. Sorry.

  3. What a cool idea!!! I’ll have to see if Catelynn is interested.

  4. I figured that it was understood that of course we’ll join you…
    then thought, “Well, I’d better tell her so.” 🙂
    We’re in, of course.

  5. Carri,

    I hope you guys will do it!!!


    I hoped you would, but didn’t want to assume anything so thank you for letting me know.

    I will send both you and carri the picture. It would be great if you guys would blog about it and link back here and maybe we could get more participants!



  6. We are in! I have a project sitting up on the fridge waiting for this very invitation! I will e you. Kewl…

  7. We’re up and begun (it’s more than a one-day project – ‘sides that, maybe that day won’t be of scientific flavor, if you see what I mean 🙂 ) if you’d like to link our beginning project post to our names in your list.
    Will you please tell Iain that I said thank you for inviting us?

  8. What great timing for us. Jesse is participating in his first science fair at the hscool coop where he takes a few classes, on that very day! He is doing his about giant pandas and what they eat. Not very “scientific” but the fair is very laid back, this first year, which we love. He said he’ll create a post about the pandas to take part in Iain’s fair as well. We’ll get the sign up on his blog.

  9. Awesome Madeline!! Please tell Jesse that Iain is really excited about him participating.

  10. Zoe and I will give it a whirl!

  11. Ah! Fabulous!!! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to see what you and Zoe come up with!


  12. Okay, we’re in. We’re going to learn about kites. 🙂

  13. Add us in! Jamey decided on something we can do. 🙂

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