Posted by: whimsigal | March 28, 2008

It’s Quiet Here Today

We’re just chillin’ today. I had a dear friend over for lunch and it was wonderful to see her again and get caught up on the latest and greatest. After that, the boys and I went over to my parents house for a quick visit. They got new granite countertops and wanted me to see them. They looked nice and made me wish we had some! LOL

Iain was a sport today and let me take some pictures of him. I’m trying to learn how to process them in Photoshop without using actions (a macro type option that can tweak your image for you) because I want to know how to do it and not rely on someone else’s work. I didn’t change much about the picture besides brightening it up a bit and sharpening it somewhat and I really like these two photos.


I also took a picture of some of the flowers currently popping up in the yard:
These look like daffodils but I think they’re called something else. Anyone?

Our plans this weekend include putting Ryan’s new bed together, painting Iain’s room, and just enjoying some quality time together with Sean. I’m really looking forward to it! Anyone have any exciting plans for this weekend?



  1. Love the pic of the flowers. You’re really becoming quite the photographer.

  2. thanks, dude!

  3. Oh! Your pictures look wonderful!!!
    What great eyes! Nice skin tones!!!

  4. Hey, Donna! Thanks so much for your very kind comment! I come to your site daily for photographic inspiration so it means a lot to hear you say that.

    Looking forward to your next post at P-Dub’s site as well!


  5. I tried commenting here yesterday, but the silly thing closed me out.

    Anyhow…jonquils – one of my favourite spring flowers & smell divine!

    Also – your boy’s eyes look amazing!

  6. Cate, I can’t stand how much trouble Blogger has with comments sometimes!

    Thank you for solving my Flower name dilemma! I had no idea that’s what a Jonquil looks like.

    Aren’t Iain’s eyes just gorgeous? They both have these amazing blue eyes.

    Hope you’re well!

  7. Great photos! The flowers look like narcissus to me.

  8. Hey, Flo. Thanks!

    Argh! THe flower mystery continues. I will have to google both and see what I can find out.


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