Posted by: whimsigal | March 26, 2008

Unschooling In the Eyes of My Children

Ryan’s friend Daniel is over today and as all three boys were sitting and eating lunch together this was the conversation:

Ryan: Daniel, did you know we homeschool? Well, really unschool. Unschooling is the best because you don’t have any homework.

Iain: Yeah, we learn while we play and we get to play whenever we want to. We’re always learning.

Ryan: We can pick what we want to do. If we want to play with Legos, we get out the Legos. If we want to play on our computers we play on our computers. Really, it’s the best!

Ryan is going over to Daniel’s house in a little while and the conversation turned to the amount of time that Ryan would be allowed to stay and play:

Ryan: Maybe I can stay for 3 hours.

Daniel: Maybe you can stay for like, 8 hours.

Ryan: That would be a whole day!

Daniel: No 24 hours is a day. How long is night?

Iain: 12 hours.

Daniel: So how long is a day altogether?

Me: 24 hours is day and night altogether.

Iain: In the summer, the days are longer than night. The days are like, 15 hours long and night is 9 hours long. In the winter it’s the opposite. In the Spring and Fall day and night are more equally split.


I love these conversations. It’s a beautiful thing to see them all sitting around the table discussing things like this. Children’s minds are constantly exploring and so many people discount their opinions because they’re young. It’s such a mistake to do that! It’s fascinating to have a window into their world like that.



  1. That was a brilliant conversation! Proof baby.-K

  2. Cute. We’re on break. Today my daughter was reading one of the many books she got from the library on “Your Cat and Their Emotions”. My son got up at noon and didn’t know what day of the week it was. I just shook my head.

  3. What a GREAT reminder! Thanks, guys! This grown up needed the reminder…

  4. Hi mate,

    been a while but I’m catching up with the blogging world again.

    Love the conversation with your boys, feel for you with the family stuff and think that your portrait pics are getting better and better each post!

    Great to hear that you are up & getting around better too.

    Take care,

  5. awwww

    I wish I was into blogging back when my kiddo was younger. Im sure blogs were around it was only a few years ago…every day she seemed to do or say something that would blow me away and i would think “i need to write that down” but of course i never did. Or I did a few times but never in the same place so it became scattered pieces of paper that who knows where theyre placed now!

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