Posted by: whimsigal | March 24, 2008

The Birthday Boy

This is what yesterday was about for me. This boy right here was celebrating his birthday and that is what I and my whole family was focused on yesterday. I was incredibly proud to be a part of my family yesterday because we pulled together like never before and as a result, Ryan told me later, it was the best birthday he ever had.

My sister was very sweet and baked Ryan’s cake for me since she was having Easter lunch at her house yesterday as well. I bought a personalized decoration off ebay and this is what his cake looked like when it was almost done:
He LOVED it!

We ate lunch first and the kids sat at a table together. They are so frickin’ cute I almost can’t stand it. The love these three have for each other is amazing, they are really more like siblings than cousins.

Oh, and the kids had mini corn dogs for lunch. 🙂

After lunch, Ryan opened his gifts and since they’re weren’t as many there as usual, he took his time and appreciated every thing he got. On birthday’s past, Ryan has ripped through his gifts with gusto because the pile was so large but since some members of our family were unable to attend, he had a much more manageable selection and didn’t get overwhelmed by it all. He got several seasons of The Simpsons on DVD, a Star Wars Lego ship with stormtroopers, Meet the Robinsons Action figures and some games for his computer. He really had a great time.

After gifts, we had the cake:

We went home and Ryan played with every single thing he got while watching the Simpsons DVD’s with Iain. Later on, Ryan was snuggled up with me in bed and he thanked me for his toys and thanked me for his birthday. It was so incredibly sweet and I could feel myself melting with every word.

Today we were supposed to go play with some of Ryan’s friends but we’ve had to postpone it until tomorrow. That actually works out better for me because I’d like to get some things done around here today so we can play our hearts out for the rest of the week. Since Thursday is Ryan’s actual birthday I want to do something really special to commemorate it. Maybe Sean can leave work early and we can all do something really fun together!!

Hope you all had a great Easter!



  1. Looks like a grand birthday! Your pictures are just stunning- I wish my photographs came out as well!

  2. Thanks, Tara! I got my camera in July and have really enjoyed it.

    It was a wonderful birthday party!


  3. What a great day for Ryan! His birthday cake looked awesome. I hope he has a wonderful day on Thursday!!

  4. I second the comment about the beautiful pictures. They are AMAZING!

  5. Happy birthday, Ryan! It sounds like it was a great day!


  6. Ryan really is such a sweet boy. I’m glad we were able to make it a special day for him despite everything else that was going on.

  7. awww I am so glad he had such a great birthday. That first pic-all I see is joy and happiness and contentment. He really seems to be glowing with joy-so sweet. You are such a good momma…and not just because of all the things you do but because you worry about things that aren’t “perfect”-and I love that you aren’t afraid to put it all out here…reality is refreshing, especially on the net where it is so easy for people to hide and make things up.

  8. What a great party! The cake looks awesome!

  9. Yeah, Happy Birthday Ryan! What a fantastic birthday cake!!! It sounds like a dream come true for the little man. 🙂

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