Posted by: whimsigal | March 23, 2008

Cheerier Times

Before I get into the good stuff, I have some bidness to handle first. I will never utter words about my in-laws again. I have apologized for hurting their feelings and hope that will be enough for them. I also told them that they would never be discussed here again. So, that’s it on that topic.

Here’s the good stuff!

Yesterday, we were trying to get Iain’s new room ready for occupation. It was a hot mess let me tell you. It used to be my niece’s room when I babysat her, and there were A LOT of milk stains on the floor from her bottles. Iain and I worked hard to get those out.

He thought it was tons of fun to do all that scrubbing and I was more than happy to let him help me!

Once Iain and I were done with that part, we left Sean to handle getting the bed put together, and we headed down to the park with Ryan and some new friends. They had so much fun down there! Ryan played with some really sweet girls in the creek:

Iain headed in to the creek, too.

Hesitantly at first but then he was all about it. I really love having this so close to our house.

Then all the kids dried off and went down the trail a bit to a fort that Iain’s friends had started a few days earlier. It had fallen down somewhat so all the kids worked together to get it straightened up again.

When we got home from playing at the park, Sean had still not finished the bed. He had a lot of unkind words about the quality of IKEA’s products but eventually, his handyman side won out and the bed was complete.
No, Iain is not a prisoner in his own home. I know the room is stark but we haven’t had a chance to paint it yet and until we do, we’re not bringing a ton of personal effects in there.

I think the following pictures were taken on Thursday evening. We walked over to my sister’s house, which the boys always love doing. I had gone to my doctor earlier in the day and he said I’m free and clear to do whatever I want so we got to steppin’!

I mean REALLY got to steppin’!
Can you tell we’ve been feeling a little cooped up?

Iain found a lot of interesting things on the way and kept saying, “Another man’s trash is MY treasure!”

Ryan was just ready to get there…

So tomorrow is Easter and we’ve got eggs to hide and baskets to fill. I’ve got a ham and a green bean casserole to bake in the morning as well as wrap Ryan’s birthday present. It’s going to be crazy but fun!

I hope all of you have a wonderful day tomorrow!



  1. What beautiful pictures!! How completely wonderful to see signs of spring. Like grass that is green. My husband has twenty fits over IKEA’s quality “I can make it better…” yes, dear, but will you make if faster or will I turn completely gray first?

  2. LOL Maria! I kept telling my husband that the beds were so cheap at $149 each that we really couldn’t complain about it.

    I’m glad you liked the pictures. We’re glad to see spring, too. Our grass will be brown again once summer gets here because we’ll be in a drought again so I try to enjoy it while it lasts.


  3. There was much cursing when hubby put together our IKEA beds. But, I still recommend them because the kids enjoy them SO MUCH every day and night, that one miserable day doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal. (for me, since I wasn’t the one sweating over missing bed pieces/wrong parts.

    It looks great!!

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