Posted by: whimsigal | March 15, 2008

Our House Yesterday

I went upstairs to check on the boys in the morning and this is what I found:


Are those my boys or a pack of puppies all curled up together?

Iain says he wants his own room but after seeing this:


I’m just not sure he really does.

Uh-oh….who let the dogs out?!

Hmmmmmm. I wish I could sleep through that!

Once the boys woke up, I asked them for some help because we were expecting some company and I needed them to help me tidy up. Ryan did a great job in the playroom and Iain helped by vacuuming.


At the point in which I took this picture, Iain said, “Momma, when you’re all better from your surgery, please don’t ask me to do this again! It’s hard!”

No problem, dude. Our vacuum cleaner is pretty cumbersome but he did a fantastic job without complaint. Both boys have been so good about helping out during the last few weeks!

They’ve also managed to be sweet to each other. I love them more than words can say.



  1. Be still my heart… I have pictures of my boys together from several years ago (not this beautifully taken, unfortunately). So precious. Helps with the less loving brotherly moments, doesn’t it?

  2. I have some precious photos of my boys all tangled up and asleep too, from years past… one even made the annual family calendar. I miss those days! And even though i sleep better now, i miss the family bed too.

    Great shots!

  3. Those pictures are priceless!

  4. Madeline, that is a wonderful point! I will need to look at these and meditate whenever I’m feeling frustrated by sibling squabbles.

    PiscesGrrrrl! I miss the family bed as well. Iain slept with us until he was three and Ryan would never sleep with us at all. Now they’re so big that it’s hard to do that. I wish all the time that we had a king size bed.

    Thanks so much! I thought the boys looked too sweet to not take a picture of them.


  5. tooooo sweet. Makes me *almost* sad I only had one….afterall, when her hands tire out from the dishes who has to then mop and vacuum–me….haha j/k

  6. Deeg! LOL

  7. The toes, Look at the pudgy nibblet toes! Can you tell I love pudgy kid toes?

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