Posted by: whimsigal | March 3, 2008

What a difference a day makes

So, I love my husband. The man is swamped at work, he’s getting an MBA, works late, takes care of me when he’s home…he’s very busy! On top of all that, he cares about what I think and feel and when something’s bothering me, he wants to do everything he can to fix it. Flashback to our world on Saturday:

nightmare on my street.jpg

Disheartening, depressing. I knew there was no way I could get in there and clean up this mess. My body’s just not there yet. Now, here’s what the room looked like yesterday:


My husband rocks. He and the kids got in there and totally whipped that room into shape. I’m not going to lie. The boys did NOT want to do it, but Sean wasn’t going to do it himself because there were a lot of other things he needed to do and so getting the room that clean required some assistance.


Today, they came to me and said they were so glad that Sean had them help clean up the room. They were tired of it being dirty and felt overwhelmed by it all. They said it was nice to clean it up with their dad. They have been proud of themselves for keeping it clean, too and are being quite dilligent for now in picking up their messes.


I’m happy I don’t have to worry about cleaning up Chernobyl when I’m better!

So, what else is going on around here? Well, today I’m going to try and finish the book that Carri gave me. It’s really funny! Also, I’ve been shopping online for beds for Iain. Right now, he and Ryan share a room but lately Iain has been asking for his own room. He wants one of those loft beds under which you can fit a desk. You know why? Because he’s almost a teenager y’all. Well, he’s going to be 9 in June but in his world, that’s pretty close. I found a bed on Ikea’s website for $149 and that was a fantastic price! Shipping was $126 though so Sean and I are going to look around here first and see what we can find. We are in North Carolina where people come from all over the shop for furniture so it’s probably a good idea to look around a little. Iain also wants a laptop. LOL

Yesterday my sister and the fam came over and I took the opportunity to snap some pics with my new lens. My niece is so funny! At one point she posed like a little model! She’s turning 2 on March 6th. Take a look:

makena march 3 2008.jpg




One thing I’ve really been missing is the freedom get out and take pictures anytime, anywhere and hopefully in another week or so I’ll feel confident enough physically to get out and do that.

Hey, have any of you seen the program on the History Channel called, “The Universe”? It’s awesome and the kids and I have really gotten into it lately. It really is fascinating and tackles some ideas that I had never thought of before. Iain especially likes it, specifically the episodes that deal with time travel. What are you guys watching? I’d really like to know!!



  1. How wonderful to see the room taken care of for you. My husband is like that as well. We are very lucky. Your photos are beautiful. I am loving my telephoto lens (new in Jan.) as well.

    Nicolas and I have been watching whole seasons of the series “House” and are completely hooed. We love “Dirty Jobs” as a family and “Mythbusters” I’ll have to tivo “The Universe”. Jesse recommends “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

  2. Hey Madeline!

    I looooove House. How let me count the ways I loooooove that show. Wilson’s dead pan delivery of lines totally slays me. Every. Time.

    Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters are two shows I keep meaning to watch with the boys because they do seem like things they would like. Iain just said he[s going to give WWP a try based on Jesse’s recommendation!


  3. I had to call my kids over to see these pictures! Brady said “What the….” and Jonathan said, “That’s NUTS!” LOL

    Your husband rocks.

  4. LOL I’m glad your kids got a kick out of it! The boys will feel like they were visited by a celebrity. They’ve been fans ever since the debut of the potato video on YouTube.

    My husband is a very good man and I love him!!

    Nice to see you!


  5. Wow! Sean and your boys did a great job cleaning that room up! We didn’t achieve anything close to that over the weekend.

    Hmmm, tv…I haven’t been watching a whole lot lately. I did watch Meet the Robinsons yesterday. I was as great as you said it was. We do watch Mythbusters nearly every day. But is seems like movies and video games are where its at right now.

  6. Yay!!! for fantastic husbands! That would have made my day too. 🙂

    We have also looked at the Ikea bed it looks so awesome and the kids are in love! I just know there has to be a better way. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you and pass along a link if I find one.

  7. Carri! I just finished the book and I loved it! Thank you so much for sending that to me.


    (using your code name)

    You live close enough to drive to Ikea don’t you? I’m so jealous of you! I spent the better part of the day yesterday looking for loft beds and have yet to find one that can beat the Ikea bed, even with the astronomical shipping cost. If you do find something else, I would SO appreciate you letting me know.

  8. Your hubby wins hubby of the week!!!

    How kind of him!!!

  9. What a man!

    And what a bummer – we dismantled my overgrown son’s loft bed just at the end of last year & gave it away….now if only you lived on THIS side of the world!!

    Cate 🙂

  10. We ordered two of those Ikea beds, one for N. and one for G., and now they perch up near the ceiling together with assorted crafty/golfing things underneath. They’ve been the best buy ever. 🙂 (Even though we did have to assemble them ourselves).

    And WOW! That is quite a room renovation! I don’t even know how all that stuff fit back into shape again! As Sassy would say, “They sure were working hard in there!”

    I’m glad you have such great helpers around!

  11. Whee look at that room! Fantastic job! My heart rate drops when i look at that room!
    I will check out universe. We have been watching Monsterquest, animal precinct,ghost hunters,bizarre foods, and deep sea fishing of all things!

  12. The room looks great! Recently I was so fed up at my kids sloppiness. I think I posted about it. I told my husband I didn’t want to be the nag/bad guy. He enforced a clean up night. I didn’t do a thing. I read a book and listened. It was heaven.

  13. CP: I’m so glad to hear from someone who owns those Ikea beds and that they’re a good buy. It certainly helps in the decision making process. Oh, and my husband had a list of toys the boys were keeping, they had agreed to donate the good stuff and toss the rest. It took about an hour to clean it up!


    I love MonsterQuest, too! I think Ghost Hunters would scare me but I do find that kind of thing fascinating. Please do check out THe Universe, I really think you’ll like it.


    Isn’t it nice to step back and let someone else handle things every once in a while? 🙂


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