Posted by: whimsigal | March 1, 2008

Got a new lens y’all!

Hey everbody! Hope all is well in your world! Things here are plodding along. Me on the sofa, kids blowing up the playroom, Sean working hard at his job and at school. I spent some time yesterday reading my book that Carri gave me and watching the UK version of “The Office”. I love the British sense of humor. It’s weird and quirky, like me! LOL In other news, I finally decided on a new lens for my camera, based on a recommendation from Jennifer McKinney. It arrived this week while I was in the throes of agony so it didn’t get played with very much. I really do like it though. Here are some shots I took with it:

Ryan has the bluest eyes!

Boys don’t like to pose for the camera very much. They’d much rather make funny faces!

I really like this lens a lot and Jennifer has been very helpful by answering some burning questions I had about photography. Thanks again, Jennifer!

Do any of you watch, “Lost” on ABC? This week’s episode was off the chain! I love “Medium” on NBC, too. Does anyone else here watch that one? My life has been revolving around the TV schedule lately. LOL

Today, Sean is taking the boys to the park to blow off some steam. It’s been hard on them being cooped up and we’re supposed to have a beautiful weekend so it’s a great time to get them outside. Maybe he’ll take some photos today.

Hope all is well with you and your families!





  1. Wow! Great photos!! What kind of lens did you get?

  2. Please, please please, talk to me about lost. I love it, and all of my friends have given up on it!

  3. annemarie,

    I just can’t give up on it yet, though some people I know have done it. What did you think of last week’s episode? It was hot just because Desmond was in it but the time space continuum thing was amazing! I’m more hooked now than I ever was!

    Any theories you’d like to share?


  4. Colleen, I’m such a turd! I totally forgot to answer your question. I got a Canon 85mm f1.8 lens and it’s awesome! Prime lenses are so much fun to shoot with.

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