Posted by: whimsigal | February 25, 2008

Playing with Play-doh

How funny is it that when I began typing the title of this post, it popped up automatically because I had used it before?! Oh well. The boys were busy last night as they rediscovered the joy that Play-doh can bring. It was an evening where their passion for all things Super Mario Bros collided with an affection for colored clay. They made goombas, turtles, mushrooms, stars, and mystery blocks and had an all around great time!





They’ve been such good sports about entertaining themselves when necessary. Today we spent some time together watching some of their favorite shows and then they went off and did their own things, video games, computer games, Pokemon, and movies. They also helped me tidy up the playroom a bit. Sean has been busy with schoolwork all weekend and we’ve been trying to give him the peace and quiet he needs to concentrate. The timing of his acceptance to school was unfortunate but we’re doing our best to accommodate one another! It should get easier as things get back to normal around here. I sure hope so because he’ll be in school for the next two years! 🙂



  1. I was just thinking about PLay-Doh this morning ,and you’ve inspired me :0) I ahvne’t read al lthe posts, but see you;re having a hard time…hoping things get better quickly. Of course the boys are leanring just fine, even if you are not there in the same way as usual :0) And it looks to me like yur eldest’s writing is beautiful!

  2. Hey Shell!

    Things are getting better here day-by-day and 4 more weeks until I’m given the all clear by my doc and we get back to “normal”. 🙂

    Thanks for your comment about my eldest’s writing as I think it’s beautiful, too.

    I hope you do something fun with Play-doh!


  3. As usual, I love your pics! The colours came out really well.

    How’s the tummy going mate?

    cate (one of your NZ fans!)

  4. Hey Cate!

    I love my Kiwi friends! Glad you liked the photos.

    My tummy feels GREAT! I haven’t really been in pain for almost two weeks. I just get tired really easily. Do you remember how you were at this point and how long it took you to feel fully energized?


  5. Hi Evie!

    I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I hope you are doing well-it sounds like you are starting to feel back to normal now.

    I did my doula training this weekend and as one of our activities we were asked to design our ideal births out of art supplies like play-doh and pipe cleaners and markers. I made mine out of pipe cleaners but spent hours and hours playing with play-doh while my instructor talked.

    There is something so satisying to me about working play-doh in my hands while doing something else at the same time. I bet I was playing with play-doh at the same time as Iain and Ryan.

    Talk to you soon!

  6. Hey Marin!

    I emailed you last week, did you get it?

    Sounds like your class is interesting! I don’t know what I would do if asked to create my ideal birth out of play-doh!!!

    So glad to hear from you!


  7. Hey! We’ve been playing with Play-doh, here, too.
    The youngest had it in his lap last night when he fell asleep in the car.
    So, today I get to clean out his car seat, coat and pants!!

  8. Wow, it’s really wild how many of us are into the same things at the same time! Is that weird to anyone else but me?? I don’t envy you today, Kalurah. One thing I despise cleaning up is Play-doh that’s been out too long, not to mention stuck to clothes, etc! Hopefully it’s not too bad for you!


  9. I miss the smell of play-doh.

  10. Those playdough creations are super cool. YOu take great pics – what kind of camera do you have again? I think my husband is buying me one for my bday! But shhh, he doesn’t know that I know that I’m not supposed to know. Or something like that.

    So… didja show your boys how to make a poop masterpiece out of playdough? Jus’ wondering.


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