Posted by: whimsigal | February 17, 2008

Goings On

It was a long week. Sean being gone was hard and Valentine’s Day went by without much fanfare. Not that I need something on a retail holiday like that because Sean shows me he loves me every day, but I did feel bad that I wasn’t able to put something together for the boys. Some of their friends sent them Valentines in the mail and I felt like a heel for not planning better pre-surgery. We got a wonderful surprise the night before Valentines Day though. Snow! The weatherpeople didn’t call for it so it was a shock when I got a call telling me to look out the window around 9pm that night. The boys were so excited!! We got about 2.5 inches, which here may as well be a foot, and the boys made a plan to get up and play in it first thing. They did and had a ball. I even snuck out to the porch a snapped a couple of shots of the snow:



I didn’t stay out long and didn’t wander off the porch because I was terrified of slipping and falling down the stairs. It was really lovely though.

Later that day, my wonderful brother-in-law brought a pizza for me and the boys for dinner because my mom wasn’t staying with me that night. It didn’t feel right asking her to stay with me on Valentine’s Day when she had been with me so many nights already. Anyway, when I opened the door to let my BIL in, he was standing there with the pizza and on top of the box was a beautiful red rose, snuggled up to some baby’s breath, just for me! It made me cry…he’s so sweet and thoughtful.


Let me backtrack for a moment. Sean and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on February 7th – the day I had surgery. For that anniversary, Sean gave me a new lens for my camera. A 105mm macro lens. It was pretty cool but I had some trouble adjusting to using it. Here are some shots I took with it:

Not only are macros great for upclose photos but they take nice portraits, too.

Not sure why Ryan had such a frownie face because he actually asked me to take his photo!

Holy Jeans, Batman!

I had Sean return the lens yesterday because I wasn’t wild about that particular brand’s auto focus. It was really slow and if using it for shooting portaits that wouldn’t work too well. I have read that Canon’s 60mm macro is much faster so I think I’m going to order that instead. I’d be happy to take some pointers from anyone who has an opinion on the best macro lens to buy in the $400 range for a Canon Rebel XTi.

On the unschooling front, I’ve been having some of those nagging doubts that come up from time to time. It’s so unsettling to be here, feeling decrepit, and then feeling like I’m not doing right by my kids as the same time. Uncannily though, it’s at these times, that some force, whatever power there is out there, allows me to see that my children really do learn through this organic method we’ve chosen. Ryan was sitting at the table, eating dinner, when he announced, “Momma, 2+2=4!” I looked up from my spot on the sofa and said, “That’s right! How did you know that?” He held up his hands, two fingers up on each the rest tucked away and showed me. Two fingers next to two fingers equals four. Unschooling math. Hello!

Then there’s Iain. I think it’s much harder to feel completely at ease with unschooling Iain for several reasons. He’s my firstborn for one thing and being the oldest I feel this pressure from external sources that he “should” be at a certain level. He attended school also and it has been really hard to get out of that mentality. Sean kind of gives me the tiniest bit of grief for telling Iain how to spell things or reading something for him. Everything I’ve read in my research though says that it’s ok to do that. That they will eventually “get” it. I was beginning to doubt it then Iain showed me that he does know what he’s doing. He wanted to make a birthday list, nevermind that his birthday is months from now, so he grabbed a piece of paper and a crayon and got started. The first thing is a Harry Potter game for the Wii and when he asked me to spell Harry he said, “I already have the H.” I was about to spell it for him but stopped and said, “Iain, what do you think comes next?” He proceeded to correctly spell the word on his own and did the same for most of the things on his list. He was so proud of himself! I was surprised but I realize that by spelling things and reading to him, it gave him the time he needed to develop the necessary skills to read and spell on his own. I wish I would quit having the doubts and could just settle down!


On the ordinary front, I’m hoping to go to the grocery store today but I’m afraid that might be overdoing it. I went with my sister last night and we only got a couple of things but it really wore me out. I was surprised at how incredibly tired I was after that. But it was REALLY nice to be out of the house. I think I’m going to take a nap and then see how I feel about it then.

Well, I hope everyone’s doing well! I’ve been by trying to check up on my blog reading and have been enjoying it all so far. I feel so out of the loop now!



  1. Glad to read you are recovering. As far as doubts about schooling, issues will arise no matter what your circumstances. Trust your maternal instincts.
    BTW, February 7 is an important date for me. The day I became a mother – 15 years ago. My son has his permit now! take care.

  2. Hey Joan! Wow, your son has his permit?? Isn’t it weird when they start hitting milestones that you remember from your own life??

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are well!


  3. Evie!
    You sound so well! Let the doubt pass. It’s hard because you are cooped up, and have time to think of these things. When you are back to your old self, you’ll do lots of cool things and their learning and having new experiences will be more evident. I loved your photos. I really dug the holy jeans, great stuff. Be well, and take it easy!-K

  4. K-
    I’m finally feeling more normal! Still have to be careful not to overdo it because I feel so good that I almost forget I had surgery. Thanks for your kind words regarding my parenting dilemma.

    Glad you liked the photos!


  5. It’s harder for me to trust the learning all the time with my oldest as well adn too, whenever i am doubting, something amazing happens to set me straight on the trust front. Take it easy. Happy healing.

  6. WOW!!
    Evie, how do you just keep getting more and more AMAZING with that camera??!!
    Oh yeah, because you ARE amazing! 🙂
    Honestly, these shots are spectacular.
    I am oozing with jealousy over that lens!!!

  7. Jiminy Christmas, Kalurah! You are making me blush over here!! Thank you so much for the compliment, friend. I’m nowhere near as good as you are so your kind words really mean a lot!

    I returned that lens and am trying to figure out which one I really want. Any suggestions? I’m debating between the 60mm macro by Canon and the 100mm macro by canon. The auto focus was just too slow for me on the Sigma. I would love to hear your opinion!!

    Thanks again for your comment!


  8. Madeline,

    I know you’re right. It’s just been hard I think because I’m sitting around doing nothing. It feels like I should be doing more even though the healing will take longer if I do. It’s just one of those things. Hopefully, by the end of March, I’ll be more active and will feel like I’m actually contributing something to them!

    Thanks for your reassurance, I really appreciate it!


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