Posted by: whimsigal | January 24, 2008


We’ve all been working on things around here. I finally got off my duff and shredded paper for about three and a half hours on Wednesday. Oh yeah, it was the height of entertainment. In my zeal to get it all done (it was a massive pile of paper) I may have accidentally shredded some tax necessities for this year. Not sure about that. 🙂 For a while now, Sean and I have been sharing a desk but finally, my evil plan has worked and now most of the desk belongs to MEEEE! (insert maniacal laughter here) Only kidding. Since Sean got a new laptop for his birthday he just doesn’t use it that much. He still has one cubby in it and all the stuff in the drawers is his but two cubbies and the glorious workspace is mine – ALL MINE!!! Ok, so I need to get out more.

cleaning project.jpg

You can see that Sean’s side is still a little messy. Mine used to look like that, only much, much worse. His mess is cleaner than my clean most of the time. Look how nicely organized my side is though. I fully expect to keep it like that for 3.75 days. I plan to break my record. Wish me luck!

It seems that pregnancy is not the only thing that brings on the nesting instinct. Apparently having one’s uterus removed has that effect as well because I have been cleaning and doing laundry like a woman possessed. Now if I can just muster up the courage to tackle this place today I’ll be in good shape for my surgery in two weeks from TODAY.

next cleaning project.jpg

Yes. That is my kitchen. I have a love hate relationship with it and today’s emotion is definitely hate.

Aside from being total sweethearts and helping me clean up the playroom, the boys have been playing on their computers a lot recently. As with all things their interests happen in bursts and here’s what they’ve been up to:

lego harry potter.jpg

It’s a Harry Potter Lego Computer game that they got for Christmas and it’s tons of fun! You can create your own character, cast spells on other characters, and create your own rooms and scenes in Harry’s world. They have been having a blast with that. Also, we had a DragonBallZ marathon here the other day. It was intense but now that has passed and they’re interested in doing a project. This morning we’re heading out to Michaels to pick somethings out. Maybe I’ll find something, too. Oh wait. I already have a project to do. See above. 🙂



  1. Wow, girl! You are brave to post a picture of your kitchen in a non-perfect state. That is just about how my kitchen looks right now:) Wanna come over and do projects at my house?

    I love that Mario is watching the screen with Iain. Very sweet.


  2. Oh!!
    I was like… “Why is she posting pictures of my messy kitchen?!??”

    My project too, today, by the way.

    See you in a few hours!!! 🙂

  3. Yesterday on the spur of the moment, I cleaned up my kitchen. Actually I opened a cabinet in bright sunlight and was a little shocked at the dust. If I had it on a “to do” list, I probably would have procrastinated. I do better on a whim.
    I like your green walls. My kitchen walls are green but they are a little brighter (think a hint of lime!) than I wanted. I was trying for olive.
    My project is my daughter’s room. I promised her we would re-do it when she went to middle school. We’ve moved it up a year.

  4. Love the color of your kitchen. Almost the same shade of green as mine! We all have our projects, and ironically enough, mine is to tackle the papers on the computer desk! UGH…I keep saying I will put the mail away and file immediately upon receipt…but it never happens. Just like losing those last 5 pounds…never happens!
    Happy day!

  5. Marin,

    I’d love to help you! But I didn’t even get to the kitchen project yet. The kids had me working on Super Hero shirts for them. Look for pics of those tomorrow.


    LOL!! You’re too funny. You mean you didn’t see me peeking through your window with my telephoto lens?!


    It sounds like your kitchen might be the same color as my dining room. I was going for a slightly different color and it’s been electric green for about a year and a half now. I wish my boys gave a crap what their room looked like. I think the most they’d let me do is paint Mario and Luigi on the wall. It sounds like fun re-doing your daughter’s room!


    Papers are a real problem for me, too. I had three ginormous stacks to shed over the last couple of days. And the pounds? Ugh. Don’t even get me started on that topic! 🙂


  6. Don’t feel bad. My son’s room is decorated all over with pictures cut out of Sport Illustrated taped onto his walls. Very classy.

  7. you inspired me so much yesterday! In fact, you made my house sparkle! And you were in the first sentence of my post yesterday! Thanks for the butt kick!-K

  8. A friend of mine had never seen my house in it’s “usual” state (I always did the flight-of-the-bumblebee fluff & stuff before she came). So one day to cheer her up I e-mailed her a photo of my kitchen (looking very much like yours 😉

    She’s now using that photo as her computer wallpaper!

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