Posted by: whimsigal | January 18, 2008


Mama Podkayne’s photo theme for this week was connection. I’m not completely pleased with this entry but its what I came up with this week!


Can’t wait to see what theme she comes up with next!



  1. I like it. It has character. And what is more connected than a chain!

  2. family, there is no stronger connection then family

  3. Well, Anon, that depends on your family doesn’t it? 😉

    Stacie, thanks! Glad you liked it! I wanted to submit something different than the boys this time.

  4. Very, Cool, Evie!
    Don’t worry about Anonymous’ comment – that’s why he or she is anonymous!!!
    Secondly – please.
    Some of us are very confident that we are living splendid and loving and magical lives, and do not need to prove it by saying “this is all I have in the whole world.”
    Everyone that reads here and knows you (even virtually) is quite familiar with the love that you have with your children and husband – no need to prove it with every blessed breath.
    Photo away, for heaven’s sake.
    We all have many aspects to our creativity and celebration of Who We Are.

    (nice comeback, by the way!)

  5. Thanks, Steph! You always know what to say!

  6. sigh.
    Everytime I woke up last night I thought of my earlier comment.
    The problem that I have with anonymity is that I feel that people take a “this is coming from the world out there somewhere” and not “from me” stance.
    And because I feel that people use it as a cloak, I tend to think of anonymous comments as not related to someone and their feelings.
    I think being anonymous just sucks all the way around.
    However – I was hasty and unkind in my assumptions that anonymous was being insulting to my friends – and like he/she was rebuking them for having a lesser thought.
    (I always assume the worst from anonymous.)

    Anyway – my apologies to everyone who reads it and feels upset by it.
    And especially to Evie for being rather venomous in her comments.
    In Peace,

  7. Oh, Steph. You and I are so much alike sometimes! I am the same way, sometimes something gets in my head and I can’t stop thinking about how I did or said something wrong and it can drive you crazy!!

    I also assume the worst from anonymous, especially when they don’t sign with a name of some sort but I sure do appreciate your defense of me and of us as a group!

    Perhaps we were both wrong and anonymous is just someone who doesn’t have a blogger id and really wasn’t trying to make some sort of comment on what we do. We’ll never know because they’re anonymous! lol We live in a world where things written on this blog can easily be misinterpreted. If anonymous is interested enough perhaps he/she will come back and enlighten us to his/her intent.

  8. This is from me 🙂 I like the photo of the chain – seems like a pretty good interpretation of the theme to me. Nice blog – I will be back!

  9. I LOVE it!
    Very well executed! 🙂

  10. I think it’s pretty wonderful. It never would have occurred to me to pick something like a link and then have it turn out so well. You are truly gifted Evie.

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