Posted by: whimsigal | January 6, 2008

Shoe Shopping

Today was the day we went somewhere other than Target for the boys’ shoes. When they were babies, I took them to a “real” shoe store for their first shoes. My MIL and my mom both bought the boys their first shoes at a local kids shoe store and I was stunned at how much they cost. Baby shoes for $45?! What the crap is that all about? Then I heard that Target’s kids shoes were made by Stride Rite or Buster Brown and I felt like it might be okay to get their shoes there. It was so much cheaper and for the past few years it’s been just fine. Lately though I’ve had less confidence in my ability to pick the right size shoe so today we went back to the expensive local store and bought Iain and Ryan each a pair of tennis shoes. They’re called Superballs.

They have bouncy balls in them and Iain and Ryan swear they are jumping higher than they ever have in their life. Thanks to Superballs of course.

Iain was so excited. The clerk got out the contraption to measure his foot and lo and behold it’s the same size I’d picked out at Target. 🙂 But they don’t have Superball shoes at Target so it was ok. They had Iain’s size so he put them on…
shoe shopping.jpg
…and it was like magic! They were the best shoes ever! Of course at this point Ryan decided he needed new shoes, too. He wasn’t sure before because he was happy with his Spider-Man velcro shoes but these, these just looked too awesome to pass up. So two pairs of shoes and $115 later, I have two happy kids. Oh yeah, and we got this too:
static electricity.jpg
They’ve been shocking me ever since. I’m going to look like the CIA got a hold of me and sent me to Gitmo with all the shocks I’ve received! Oh well. I felt good about getting them “real” shoes but is it bad if I hope they don’t grow out of them too quickly? 🙂



  1. Cool kicks! 115.00 not so cool, but happy kids are. Money seems to go faster than it comes. But you know, you can’t take it with you when you go! -K

  2. Cute pictures :o)

    We wore Red Ball Jets….and we ran faster and jumped higher.

    The shoes had a red dot on the back heel. (It looked like the flag of Japan)

    We also had shoes with a boy and a dog :o)

  3. MamaK – I say that all the time, “you can’t take it with you”, especially when I see my credit card bill! LOL


    Thanks for stopping by! Going to Buster Brown was one of my favorite places when I was a little girl. The logo just spoke to me for some reason, even though the dog looked a little freaky!


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