Posted by: whimsigal | January 4, 2008

This Makes Me Laugh

You Must. Watch. Now.

Just a little hint at how silly my sense of humor is because I find this commercial quite funny.



  1. That was funny…I think I would buy a car from him!!!

  2. Seriously! You’d have to at least talk to him after a performance like that!

  3. No way – that was awesome! I might have to send that to all my 80’s peeps. We just noticed that the actress is now on a Showtime sitcom (I think) called The L Word (I think). We have a new satellite and we’re surf-happy. I didn’t recognize her but my husband, the king of all-things-80’s-trivia, did. 🙂

  4. This has been making me laugh since the first time I saw it. I won’t let my husband mute the commercial or flip to another channel when this comes on. I loved Jennifer Beal in this movie and my favorite part of this is the water splashing on his face. Tooooo funny. I love it, too. Thanks for the link. I am just a lurker, but I love reading your blog. I found it through my favorite Pioneer Woman. Peace. Tucson Patty

  5. Ha! I laughed so hard I cried! 🙂 Makes me want dance around the house–if only I could find that off the shoulder sweatshirt I used to love so much.

  6. Patty! I’m so happy this video brought you out of lurkdom! Every time I see this on TV I cry. It’s hilarious. Funny thing is, I’ve never ever seen Flashdance. I wasn’t allowed and have just never gotten around to it as an adult.

    Colleen, the part where he rubs his butt is the best. Makes my husband want to barf but it makes my sides split. Hey, if you find your off the shoulder sweatshirt and I can find my leg warmers we’d have an outfit!


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