Posted by: whimsigal | January 2, 2008

And we hiked

Yesterday, we were pretty tired from the party we attended the night before. I didn’t drink and Sean didn’t overdo it but we were up late and, apparently, we’re getting too old for that. LOL Anyway, I had told Sean previously that one thing I wanted to do on New Year’s Day was get out and shoot some pictures with my new lens. We got kind of a late start so we had to stick with going somewhere close by. The only problem with that was I couldn’t think of anywhere that we hadn’t been already that I would enjoy taking pictures. Sean made a suggestion and, while I wasn’t completely wild about it, we all packed up and headed out to the library.

The library that’s close to our house is situated on a beautiful plot of land that, for many years, was protected as a wildlife sanctuary. I remember being a little girl and riding by the property, wondering what kinds of critters lived in there. Now it’s been divided into a housing subdivision, the American Hebrew Academy, and a shopping center. In the midst of all this development on an oasis sits the library. There is a walking trail that begins just off the parking lot and that is where we began our journey.

walk in the woods.jpg
There are the three men in my life and I love them so much. Look at my amazing husband. Not only did he get me the camera that started this whole obssession of mine, but he supports me in the pursuit of this hobby in every way. He carries my bag chock full of camera supplies so I’m free to move around. Isn’t that sweet? Before we left the house, he was teasing me because I’d bought myself some new editing software and a new lens right after Christmas. I said, “well, hopefully the money I’ve spent is an investment. Maybe I can get good enough to make money at it.” People, this man, who never ceases to surprise me, looked at me and said, “Evie, I don’t care if you ever make a dime at this. The only investment I want to make is in your happiness.” Oh. My. God. Can I just tell you how much I ADORE him???

Back to the hike…

lord of the rings.jpg
There were downed trees all around and the boys wanted to count the rings and see how old they were. This particular tree was about 50 years old.

hills are alive.jpg
There were wide open spaces in which to run and hills to roll down. I think this might have been Iain and Ryan’s favorite part.

cat tails.jpg
These cat tails were pretty cool. I had never seen one up close before.

Then there were a host of things that I saw that I thought were really neat but have no idea what they are. Do any of you know?

cool plant.jpg

cool plant3.jpg

cool plant2.jpg

While I was taking pictures, Sean and the boys were just having a good old time running along the trail, pretending to be their favorite characters (the kids, not Sean!), and just enjoying the outdoors. We came to the end of the section of trail we were on and had to cross the street to continue our adventure. As we traveled down the trail, we came to what Iain called, “The Great Wall of Target”. It’s the back of the Target Shopping center!
great wall of Target.jpg

Of course, when boys see something like that, what do they have to do? Climb it!
climbing the wall.jpg

Big boys are not immune to the lure of a big wall either…
all boys climb.jpg

On the way back from the Great Wall, we passed a lake and the boys asked their dad to teach them how to skip stones.
skipping stones.jpg

Then we headed back, passed the field of cat tails…
cat tails field.jpg
got in the car and started back home. It was a phenomenal hour and a half and it filled my heart with so much love for my family that I began to feel like my cup runneth over. What a way to spend the first day in 2008!



  1. Wow. Those are beautiful photos. My new camera takes the worst pictures EVER, and of course it’s the camera I BEGGED my husband to buy. Won’t be hearing the end of that anytime soon.

  2. Hey! Thanks a lot! Glad you like the photos. Sorry to hear about your camera! That really sucks. Is there any way to…I hesitate to utter the word…exchange it for another?

  3. Isn’t it funny how the heart is so filled to bursting with such things?
    All it takes nowadays is hearing our man playing in the next room with the babes, laughing and shouting in delight, and we get all gushy.
    Now that’s romantic.
    He definitely gets extra points for all “I only want you to be happy” comments.
    Life is so good.

  4. Oh Steph, that is SO true. Truly, there is nothing that can set a heart to pounding like a man interacting with his kids or doing the dishes just because or anything in a similar vein. It’s heady stuff.

    Life IS good. Hope you are, too.

    I’ve been reading at your blog and have been enjoying the recent posts but haven’t commented because you know, I’m a freak. Your posts are so eloquent and I’m…well, not eloquent. I am there though and reading and pondering your beautiful words, friend!



  5. One of my favorite childhood memories involves climbing a small cliff and jumping off it, as a family. Walls are great for climbing! 🙂 Looks like a good time.

  6. Hi there-
    Been checking out your blog for a few days. I love your pics, stories and your journey. I am just starting to unschool my kids as well, after a year of homeschooling. I have a blog as well, a link to you is on my blog. Keep on snapping, good stuff-K

  7. K-duff, I used to love doing that, too. Oone of my goals as a child was to try and run straight up a wall like they did in cartoons. Never succeeded but it sure was fun trying!


    Thanks for your comment! I’m so glad to hear that you all are on the unschooling road as well! Please come back and visit often. I’m coming to your blog right now!


  8. I’ve been enjoying your pictures…and reading about your interests too!

  9. Deana,

    I’m glad you’ve been enjoying reading here! After reading your profile I see that you’re into photography, too. Any tips you want to offer are greatly appreciated!

    Please return and visit often!


  10. Wowza! Great pictures! I especially love the landscape pic with the boys running.

    I am SO happy for you that you have such great men in your life. I hope that 2008 is as wonderful for you as it was on this day!


  11. Marin! Girl, I was getting worried about you after not hearing from you for a few days! Boy am I glad to “see” you here.

    I had some photoshop help with that picture you mentioned, just to amplify the colors a bit.

    Thank you for your very sweet comment!

  12. I lifted your wall. Well, I lifted an image of your wall; nothing much could lift that wall!!

  13. Shoot! Lift anything you like! I”m just flattered as all get out that you found something interesting here. I’ve read your book, “Moving a Puddle” and just loved it.

    Thanks so much for “lifting” me! (in more ways than one)


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