Posted by: whimsigal | December 26, 2007

Christmas – the Aftermath

This year we had a wonderful Christmas. We didn’t go overboard on gifts for the boys and they really loved everything they got from us and our families. On Christmas Eve, the boys left cookies and milk out for Santa along with a note that read:

“Dear Santa, One of the cookies doesn’t taste too good. Love, Iain and Ryan”

Cracked. Me. Up.
note for santa.jpg

Then the boys went to bed and we went to work. Around 12:30am, Sean and I collapsed under the covers and didn’t stir until 7:30am. We had to wake to boys up to go see what Santa had brought them!


They were both overwhelmed at first but they quickly woke up and got busy unwrapping their loot.


Things got so crazy that Ryan didn’t even notice that he was starting to get wrapped, too.


Here is a picture of my loot:

The only missing is the new lens my husband got me and I used it to take this picture. It’s a wide angle lens and I love it! It will also do macro shots so I’m going to be playing with it a lot in the coming days.

Last night we fixed Christmas dinner for our family and it was a comedy of errors. I will go into specifics tomorrow but suffice it to say that I’m quite relieved I don’t have to do that for another year!

Did everyone enjoy a happy holiday? Do you have any special plans for New Year’s Eve? We’re actually going to a party this year and we’re pretty excited about it. We’re really looking forward to 2008!



  1. I love the Santa note. Sounds like you had a great day. Lucky you getting to sleep in until 7:30. We were woken up at 1:30, our kids decided to set up a bed under the tree at that time!!

  2. Oh Alison, I would have cried if ours had woken us up at 1:30!!

    Hope your Christmas went well!

  3. I’m so happy that your day went so well. I kind of freaked first thing because I felt like we had made the wrong decision to stay home. Like the day just wasn’t going to be special enough. Of course I was wrong. It was just perfect.

  4. Hey Carri! We had a freak out moment too, the night before. But like you said, it all turned out ok. Glad to hear that yours was wonderful, too!!

  5. We forgot about cookies til the last minute – if you can believe that – then discovered we were out of flour!!! :/
    But the children fell asleep a short while later – so we sort of squeaked by without making them – Santa left us gifts anyway, bless him!

  6. Oh I can believe it, Stephanie! We had some but almost forgot to put them out. We still forgot to leave carrots for the reindeer. 🙂

    Thank goodness Santa overlooked the empty cookie plate and left gifts for you all anyway. 😉

  7. OOOH! Silpats and Nigella!
    You lucky gal! 🙂
    Do I also detect socks? Now, there’s a practical gift. They’ll come in handy when you’re curled up on the couch with that box of chocolates! 🙂

  8. Ok, so I have camera AND lens envy now! Looks like you all had a wonderful day & received some fun pressies there.
    Do you all pause for a holiday over this season, or wait until summer?

  9. Hey Kalurah! Yeah, I always get socks and a toothbrush and toothpaste along with some other cool stocking stuffers, like a remote control for my camera! When I was little my parents only put nuts in the shell, and fruit, and a few candies in our stockings. I gave Sean some v-neck t-shirts. Aren’t we romantic? LOL


  10. Cate,

    We did have fun and even though I got one fabulous lens, I ordered myself another that I really wanted off Amazon. LOL My husband couldn’t believe I did it and is still teasing me about it.

    When you asked if we pause for a holiday, do you mean countrywide? I know over in your part of the world, you get a substantial amount of time off. Here we only get the one day but my husband saved up his vacation days so he doesn’t have to go back to work until Jan. 2. In the US, people only get about 10-11 paid holidays. Is that what you were asking or did I completely misunderstand what you were asking?!


  11. Sounds like you had a lovely day! Yay on the camera lens for you! It’s been a Guitar Hero frenzy over here, alternated with ping pong frenzy. The two big hits of the holiday. 🙂

    Can’t wait to read about the meal debacle. LOL

  12. We left out the cookies , as always , and the kids were mre fascinated with Santa’s teeth marks than they were with their presents. That’s cool , I don’t think everything can be bought at a store. Your pictures are very crisp. Have a Happy New Year. Thanks for checking out my Vlog, I appreciate it.

  13. Love the cookie note! How much fun! 🙂

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