Posted by: whimsigal | December 22, 2007

Recent Updates

Well, I tried the cookies again, since everyone at Pioneer Woman’s site had raved about them, but this time I used butter instead of shortening and they were much better! I guess it was the shortening that none of us liked because this batch turned out great. Also, thanks to V-Dub for recommending the cookbook, “The Stuffed Cougar” to me. My used copy from Amazon got here yesterday and there are TONS of things in there for me to try. On the food tip, I’m gearing up for the big holiday meal and it’s going to be a “Pioneer Woman” Christmas! For appetizers, I’m serving the Olive Cheese Bread, with my twist of pepper jack cheese, and her Chex mix. For dessert, I’m making her peach maple crisp which is out of this world. Check out Shrinking Whimsigal the day after Christmas for an update.

I’ve been down with a cold for a couple of days but before getting sick, the boys and I worked on some salt dough ornaments. It was a lot of fun!


Ryan enjoyed making grass with my garlic press.


Iain was all about the snowflakes.


They came out of the oven a bit browner than I would have liked but that was my fault. My 1978 oven is a little unreliable at times in the temperature department.

Here are some of Ryan’s creations. He got all wild and free-form on me and made a Mario and a Goku(from dragonball-z). I was impressed with his attention to detail.

Iain and I worked on some stockings and a Mickey ornament. This was so much fun and hopefully it will be something we do every year.

For those of you who may be fans of Pioneer Woman, she is going to be featured on CNN Headline News today at 12:30 and 5:30 so check it out if you can.

In case I don’t post again before Christmas there is something I would like to say to all of you. This has been an amazing year. After discovering unschooling, I decided to start this blog as a way to record our activities but it has become much more than that. Little did I know that it would pave the way for so many friendships to develop. I feel like my life has become so much richer through this blog because of the people from all walks of life who visit here. Thanks to everyone for making my blog one of the stops you make while you’re out there traveling the information superhighway. I feel so blessed for having met all of you and look forward to the new year where hopefully, we’ll get to know each other even more! Please have a safe and happy holiday!



  1. Hey! Glad you liked me gel comment over at PW. I have made many of her recipes this holiday season, thank goodness I found a good sale on butter recently! Merry Christmas and I have many unschooling questions to ask in the new year!
    The Park Wife

  2. Hey to you, Park Wife. I did indeed enjoy the gel comment, it was funny!

    Hoo, I hear you on the butter sale. I bought as much butter as I could when it went down to $1.98/lb.

    ask as many unschooling questions as you want to, friend. I’m no expert but I’m happy to talk about what we do and how we do it. Don’t wait until 2008 unless you want to.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  3. Me, too!!!
    and one more

  4. Steph,

    Right back at ya, girlfriend!

    mwah! (kissy noise)


  5. Thanks for the honorable mention and I love that I am now v-dub. 😛

    You must try the Little League Stew in The Stuffed Cougar. It’s our favorite. I’ll have to look through and see what other things we like from it!


  6. Hey there Evie!

    love the ornaments and REALLY love the crisp pics (am suffering severe camera-envy now).

    Wishing you & yours a wonderful Christmas season & look forward to getting to know you more in 2008.

    God bless,
    your downunder mate,

  7. Love the ornaments! So cheery!

    Isn’t it exciting…3 more days until Christmas! Can’t wait to hear how your celebrating went and see all your pics!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Jessie,

    I checked out that recipe and will definitely make that over the holiday. Have some stew meat in the freezer so it’s perfect!


  9. Cate,

    Thanks for the note! From the way you were talking about cameras in your email, I think I’ll be the one with camera envy before too long. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to getting to know you better, too. Have a very Merry Christmas in my dream country, NZ.


  10. CP!!!

    It is exciting! I can’t believe Christmas is so close. Sean and I are sick and I’ve been getting on his nerves by holding an “I’m sicker than you” competition. It will be good when Christmas get here to distract us from our colds.

    I got the idea for the ornaments from you, you know. We were wishing we had some of the imprint kind but ours turned out all right. Thanks for putting the idea on your blog to begin with!

    Have a very Merry Christmas my friend!


  11. Awww shucks, thank YOU for writing! I am so glad we met this year, Evie. I love coming here to see what’s new and what insights you will have and what gorgeous pictures you’ve taken. Have a great Christmas and I’ll write when we get back!


  12. Marin,

    We got your card and you have BEAUTIFUL handwriting!! The card was cute and the boys were so excited to have gotten one from “little Ian”.

    Please have a safe trip and have a Merry Christmas!


  13. Love the ornaments! We LOVE salt dough! This year we ended up with lots and lots of little salt dough orbs all over the house. Chloe loves the process of rolling dough into a ball.

    I have really enjoyed getting to know you through this here blog of yours. And I am looking forward to a new year of blogging too.

    Merry Christmas!

  14. And right back atcha, grrrlfriend. Glad to have met up!!!

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