Posted by: whimsigal | December 10, 2007

Our Life in Pictures

What we’ve been doing:

Cracker Man

Playing with your food can be fun! Ryan made this “Cracker Man” this morning.


Here are photos from my fun and tacky Christmas. We couldn’t fit a regular size tree in our family room so we used a four ft fake tree in here. Ryan and Lily (the puppy) keep messing with the train.


My Santa advent calendar given to me by my mother-in-law, a picture of my late father-in-law dressed as Santa (oh how I miss him!), some of my favorite candles and a Fire Flower that the boys put on the wall.


Ryan being funny in front of the tree…


A shot of my dining room. You can see that I set up all my Rudolph folks in here.


Our plans for this weekend. We’re teaming up, one kid per parent. It’s going to be so much fun, as long as we don’t eat all the candy before then! LOL


If I don’t have my surgery, which it looks like I won’t be before the holiday, then we’ll all sit around the table after Christmas dinner and pop our poppers. Inside is a corny joke, a cheap toy, and a paper hat. yeah, we know how to party over here, y’all.


The boys and I finally finished up the living room decorations. It seems crazy that we put all the boxes up in the attic and we’ll be dragging them back down in a couple of weeks.

Ryan and I made a cape and a mask for his Mario toy today. Iain’s been experiencing a resurgence of interest in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game. He is so good at figuring out how to get around in that game. You have problems to solve and maps to follow. I wish I’d had something like that when I was his age. Maybe I’d be better at reading a map today!



  1. Evie, your home is beautiful. I’m in awe of your decorations.

    Catelynn made cracker men yesterday too! Playing with food is great fun.

  2. Aw heck. Thanks Carri!

    Wow, that’s kind of weird that Catelynn made a cracker man, too! We made our gingerbread houses last night and that was fun as well. Who knew that playing with food could provide such entertainment?

  3. Your home looks lovely. Holiday crackers always bring back fond memories for me of England. I had never heard of them until we lived there. 🙂 Where on earth did you find them?

  4. Wow, your home is lovely!

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