Posted by: whimsigal | December 4, 2007

The Past Few Days

They’ve been action packed! Christmas seems to be upon us in a major way and this year, I’m feeling very unprepared for it’s arrival. Friday night, our city held a tree lighting ceremony downtown and there was a lot of interesting people watching to be done. There was some confusion about where the tree was and when we arrived at the location we were told was “the spot” we couldn’t find a tree…only this:


An ominous sign…

Onward we went in our quest to find the city tree and there were many revelers on the streets, dancing and playing music:

Some girls from NC A&T University stepping for the crowd. I have ALWAYS wanted to do that.

Musicians were everywhere. Including this next guy who works with my brother-in-law…


The big guy made an appearance, too…


The tree lighting was so pitiful I didn’t take a picture of it but the next night, we had our own ceremony, tree trimming! This was the first year that the boys have really been into the whole decorating the tree thing. IN fact, they almost decorated the whole thing by themselves!


You will notice that our tree would not be caught dead in Martha Stewart’s house and that is just the way I like it. Growing up, my mom had to have foofy christmas trees and every year, there was something different, victorian, candles on the tree instead of lights, and I always wished we had colored lights and fun ornaments so that’s what we do with our tree. Our house was sort of fancy growing up, you know, like a museum where you can look but not touch and it always sucked that Christmas was like that, too. Which is why our tree is loaded with shiny, colorful, almost tacky stuff. That is what christmas means to me. LOL


Ryan loved the tinsel.


And it was Iain’s year to put the topper on the tree.

I’m still swimming through decorations, trying to Christmas-up the inside of the house. Hopefully, I can finish that up today. Hope everyone has been doing well!



  1. I came here from your comment on my sister The Nester’s blog. Our mom always had colored lights on our tree growing up. I like yours…I’ve felt a strange guilt this year about having white lights on our tree because I remember loving the colors so much growing up. I may have to rethink that for next year!

  2. You should do that! NO guilt about it though. No guilt allowed at Christmastime.


  3. beautiful post and I love your tree…I feel the same way you do about the tree!!

  4. Thanks, Alison! Colorful trees just make people smile, don’t you think?

    I love all the tattered ornaments made by my children, the first ornaments that my husband and I bought together (really ugly), and the motley collection of ornaments that we’ve accumulated through the years. That makes a tree so full of life!

  5. I spy the Monorail. I love your tree! I love colored lights too. We are getting ours tomorrow. I inherited a plastic, glitter garland that looks like candy from my grandma. It makes me SO happy to see it on my tree every year. I will take a picture.

    We will see you soon!!

  6. The monorail talks, too! Christmas is a wonderfully nostalgic time. I can’t wait to see a picture of your garland!

  7. I love the pic of Ryan!

    And the one of Iain at the tree top!

    Two things: I don’t have a topper, as I haven’t found one I like Still After All These Years…
    and Two:
    Mmm, I have one of those white-lights Victorian Christmas Trees! (she says it smiling and without remorse or embarrassment, even!)
    My Mom had one of the 120 different lights and ornaments, and I never liked it!!! lol. Well, it was always short and fat, too, and I like ’em tall and sparse…

    Don’t fear for my children, though, it’s not that bad, and their ornaments are still sported loudly and proudly in their Places Of Honor on our tree!
    Steph – who will post a pic when its up and alit, complete with peppermint candy canes – NEVER the rainbow ones. (shudder)

  8. It’s not the tree per se that I have the problem with, but the attitude that my mother had that went along with it. In fact, I often tour places that have lovely, gorgeous even, victorian trees, but I will forever associate them with a “look and don’t touch” attitude. Hoo, when we broke an ornament, we heard about it, let me tell you!

    Oh, and I sometimes put the shudderrific rainbow candy canes on the tree…Breathe, Steph, Breathe!!! LOL

    I would never fear for your children for I know you to be a very hands-on mommy, who would never dream of treating Christmas like mine did. Like I said, it’s more what the tree represents to me than the style itself.

    Hey, it’s Christmas, Yule, to each her own! White lights, multi-colored lights, we can all get along!

  9. I grew up with the perfect tree attitude too! My tree is completely decorated by the kids. Except the lights. They still want me to do that. And the tree changes every single day. Right now there are more toys than ornaments on it. In fact most of the ornaments are on the kitchen table!

  10. Love your banner at the top, as well as all the festive photos. You’ve got that holiday spirit…..

  11. Carri and KR,

    I’m not sure why but I didn’t get your comments until today! Didn’t want you to think I was not publishing them on purpose!

    Thanks to you both for your comments!


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