Posted by: whimsigal | November 15, 2007

Adventures at Krispy Kreme aka Ode to the Pioneer Woman

This post is in honor of Ree, the Pioneer Woman, whose humorous posts about her life on their ranch keep me entertained on a daily basis. Her kids love Krispy Kreme but can no longer get it. Since I live the ranch life vicariously through her, I figured they might enjoy a little vicarious living themselves.

This morning greeted us with driving winds and rain. Not that we’re complaining because we still desperately need the rain here, and it was so dark and cold that all the boys and I wanted to do this morning was sleep. My dogs had other ideas however and they kept asking me to let them out, beginning at 3am, except, when I would open the door they would sit and stare outside as if to say, “Hmmph. Still rainin’!” This went on, about once an hour until around 8am, when trying to sleep was futile. I got fed up and tossed both dogs out in the backyard and demanded that they do their business. Shoulda done that at 3am! A few minutes later, my husband called to tell me that the leaves were looking especially beautiful today after the rain and maybe the boys and I could get out and take some pictures. He’s very sweet about my newfound interest in photography and encourages me whenever he can. So I went upstairs and bribed the boys with Krispy Kreme if they would get up, get dressed, and go with me to take pictures. See, they find it kind of boring…crazy kids. So off we went to Krispy Kreme.

We pulled in a parking spot and were blinded by this sign that has been known to call to policemen all over town like the sirens from Greek mythology:


The boys were excited, although I don’t know why because they don’t eat the regular glazed doughnuts. Anyway, we entered the store and had to watch the whole doughnut making process. See, they have this big glass partition so you can see the doughnuts from the rising stage on through to the glazing stage. Look! I took some bad pictures of it for you!

First, the newly formed doughnuts ride on this ferris wheel-type thingie. It’s not a wheel though, it’s mesh trays that carry the doughnuts up and down until they’re finished rising:


You’ll have to look closely to see that because that picture was particularly bad. I was as nervous as I was at the Bon Jovi concert in 10th grade, worried that some big burly man was going to confiscate my camera! I got over it though.

Once the doughnuts have risen, they take a little ride on a river of hot oil. Beware, this is going to steal some of the magic of the doughnuts from you.


The ones on the far left are getting ready to go into the flipper (technical term) so the other side can cook and turn that beautiful golden shade of brown. Once that happens, they are ready to get glazed.


See? I was even kind enough to point out the glorious glaze for you. Some get decorated and put in the case to be greedily devoured by hundreds of hungry customers:


My guys always get the same thing, Chocolate Iced Sprinkle Doughnuts. I went a little crazy and got the flavor of the month – a cake Pumpkin Spice Doughnut. MMMMMM, donuts.

The boys picked out some seats for us. They were thrilled to actually be in a restaurant and not eating in the car:


Let the wild rumpus start!




Umm, you can see here that my oldest boy has inhaled his doughnut while my youngest is playing with his Luigi doll and seems completely oblivious to the doughnut in front of him.


“Doughnut? What doughnut?”


Ryan still has only taken a few bites of his doughnut up to this point.

I got a hot chocolate to go with my Pumpkin Spice Doughnut:


It was WAYYY too hot to drink in the store.

Eureka! Ryan remembered his doughnut!


Uh, Luigi? I think he OD’d on sugar…..


All done….


One last look before we go…..


We left for the picture-taking portion of our journey but were thwarted by a sudden rainshower and had to return home in hopes that we can get out later. If we’re not all sacked out on the sofa from a sugar crash, that is….



  1. Mmmmmm…Krispy Kreme…..
    See! Gorgeous pics as always.

  2. Hhhmmm-unschooling with doughnuts-I like it and I even did part of the meme-just haven’t tagged anyone yet.

  3. ooh! I think I need one of those icing waterfalls!

  4. you are purely evil for showing me donuts! 😉 ohmygosh i love donuts.

    great pics! what kind of camera do you have? i’ve become quite enamored with my digital, but now lust over better ones. maybe someday…

  5. Geez, my own comment didn’t post…that’s weird.

    Anyway, thanks for all y’alls comments!

    Laura, I owed you after the cinnamon roll post on your blog! LOL

    My camera is a Canon Rebel XTi and I love it. I’m still learning how to use it but I have found a new hobby in photography. It’s a lot of fun!


  6. Oh ya, that. If you lived nearby, you might’ve gotten a pan, seeing as there were SEVEN.

    And we’ve got farmland too…


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