Posted by: whimsigal | November 12, 2007

Things have been going well here

It’s been a few days since I posted anything so I felt a need to get on here and talk about what we’ve been doing. Sean has been working crazy, late hours, even over the weekend so it has felt like a super weird, super long week. The boys and I watched Meet The Robinsons a gazillion times and loved it every single time. I cry like crazy at the end. I just can’t help myself!

This weekend, I attempted to make croissant dough for the first time and was really pleased with the results. Go to Shrinking Whimsigal to see for yourself.

Today, the boys and I had to go out and run some errands and while we were in the car Iain was asking me all kids of questions. What is it like to be a grownup? How do I feel about being a grownup? Am I happy? I answered each of these to the best of my ability and then I had one of my own. Why was he asking these things? (Just wondering where all this was coming from) He said he loved me very much and he only wanted me to be happy, never sad. It made me cry!! I thought that was so sweet! He thought that was weird. LOL

Anyway, we’ve not been doing anything crazy exciting here. I think I’m having a harder time adjusting to the shorter days than I usually do and it’s gotten me into a little bit of a slump. It seems like right around the time I’m ready to get into doing something, the sun is going down. Then all I want to do is put on my PJ’s and drink a hot chai tea. 🙂

Hope everyone else is doing well!



  1. Oh how I love hot chai tea. Yummmm…..

  2. I love the Chai Latte from Starbucks but that’s too much for the old wallet so now I make a cup of my own at home! Those spices are to die for!

  3. Awwww…it makes me want to give Iain a hug. What a sweet thing to say! Isn’t it interesting to hear that our kids think about us as people and not just as parents?

  4. Marin,

    It is nice. It made me feel so loved in that moment!

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