Posted by: whimsigal | October 23, 2007

I’m not the cool mom

I’ve been put on notice by my 8 year old and 5 year old. Apparently, I’ve been saying things that seemed funny or cute to me, but it’s embarrassing to them. Yikes! Are we there already?? Iain told me today that I’m no longer allowed to say:

  • keep on truckin’ – I use this a lot when we’re out and want everyone to keep moving
  • let’s mosey – I use this when we’re leaving the house mostly
  • Honey – as a form of endearment. I can use it at home but not in public.

Ryan doesn’t want me to say “babe” or “dude” anymore.

Dude, I’ve been saying that religiously since watching “The Big Lebowski” movie years ago. Have you seen it? If not, do not pass go, go immediately to your nearest Blockbuster and rent it. You will thank me later. It’s weird but funny.

Anyway, I can’t believe we’re here already. I wasn’t expecting this moment to come until the age of 13. I guess all the hormones in that non-organic milk they used to drink really do bring on early puberty. 🙂

Oh well, I’ll just have to roll with it. I can’t say it like that to them though. They’d be embarrassed!



  1. We’re still in the sweet “hold my hand” and “you’re my best friend” part.
    I’m not looking forward to being usurped by someone else, let me tell you.
    Though Maddie (while clinging to her Daddy, of course) told me yesterday that she did not only not love me, but that she didn’t Like me, even. But wait – there’s more – she didn’t hate me, either.
    Evidently I was not even important enough to register on her radar!!!
    Eric was mortally offended :), but I was okay with it.
    I knew she’d come around in a while.
    Was quite eye-opening, though, to think that our complex mother/daughter relationship is begining at the age of two!
    I’m not worried, you understand.
    Not in the least offended.

    But dang!
    Who’da thought?

  2. I know! It does come as a shock doesn’t it? You’re traveling along and then Bump! just when you least expect it!

    Your hubby is so sweet. I can just imagine his indignation at such a statement!

  3. Dude! What’s up with that?!

    Tell Ryan to take a ‘chill pill’ before he’s ‘cruisin for a bruisin’. 😛

    I’d have a hard time not saying babe, dude, or honey. Keep on truckin….I have to side with the boys on that one. lol.

  4. Yeah, Keep on truckin’ made me giggle but I don’t know if I can keep from saying things like babe and honey and such.

    I started calling Ian “Booper” once for some strange reason but he really doesn’t like it so I have had to learn to stop that one!

  5. Marin,

    they just told me in the car that it embarrasses them when I sing without music playing…my self-esteem is taking a beating over here!!!


  6. Awww…sorry to hear it…
    Ian loves it (so far) when I sing to him. I will be so sad when he asks me to stop!

  7. They still like lullabies they just don’t like it when I try to get jiggy with it. LOL

  8. This made me laugh! Somehow I never got from your posts that you say things like ‘Dude’ and ‘Babe’ – now I see you in a new light. 🙂

    Our new thing, having a 15 yr old and all, is to say first, “Just tell us if there’s something you’d rather we not say or do.” Then he at least knows we’re not *intentionally* being dorks. It’s just that we ARE dorks. LOL

  9. Laura, it’s great that you guys can discuss with your son the things he rather not hear you say! I wish my parents had been that considerate when I was a teenager. LOL We’re dorks, too, so I guess we’re in good company then!

    About dude, my hubby and I joke all the time about the fact that we’ll be 85 and still calling each other “dude”. It’s just ingrained and I can’t help it!

  10. I was recently informed that I am not a nice mommy. My reply was, “that’s fine by me! Mean mommies rule. Nice mommies drool.”
    It was not one of my more mature mommy moments.

  11. Cyndy! Ouch! Well, we all those moments from time to time, we just try to make the time between instances REALLY long!

    My boys say all the time that kids rule and parents drool. I think it’s pretty funny actually!

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