Posted by: whimsigal | October 22, 2007

Back after a brief rest

First of all, thanks to everyone who stopped by my little pity party last week and left encouraging words here for me. I was feeling really down but feel recharged and ready to face the world again. I had no idea that my post would cause that kind of reaction but I feel so lucky to have met so many kind people through this blog. You are all such wonderful people and thank you again for the kindness you extended to me when I was feeling so low! Also, thanks for the kicks in the pants because I needed that, too! LOL

On to today…

We began our Monday with a car ride to visit our friends Marin and Ian. The boys were so excited this morning about going to visit them and they had an absolute ball while we were there. I must confess that I enjoyed myself as well and couldn’t believe how quickly the time flew by. Marin is very, very sweet as is her son Ian. Her husband is very into swordfighting, knights, and the like and she made my boys’ year by allowing them to hold one of his swords. We talked about that A LOT on the way home! 🙂 I learned a lot about how to be gentle with children, too. I noticed that I still have a hard edge when dealing with the boys and realized that I need to re-evaluate how I respond to them, especially after seeing the gentleness Marin displayed when helping her Ian through a difficult moment.

My Iain keeps saying what a great day we had and he’s right, we really did. I’m so blessed that my 8 year old can get have as much fun playing with someone so much younger than he. I know many kids would be upset to go hang out with someone who’s not their age but both of my boys really had a good time playing with Ian. It’s doubly nice because it allows me to visit with Marin which would be difficult if they didn’t want to go.

By the way, you all should encourage Marin to tell the story of and show photos from her romantic Scottish wedding. In Scotland people!!! The girl got married in Scotland. Oh, and they honeymooned in France. **sigh** I’m so jealous! 🙂

If it weren’t for this blog I wouldn’t have met Marin and we wouldn’t have enjoyed their company today! I love the internet!



  1. Awww shucks…I’m blushing over here!

    Thanks for all the sweet stuff you said. I am wracking my brain though trying to remember when I was gentle with Ian.

    Thanks for the compliments. You made my week!

    Your guys are so sweet to play with Ian. I know there was a bit of an issue over Mario but I thought Ryan and Iain were so accommodating and really worked to find a solution to make everyone happy.

    And, yes! I LOVED my wedding. It was the best wedding I could have possibly had. Ever. Also, I forgot to tell you this part but when we got home someone told us that the town we got married in, Bonnyrigg, has the most UFO sightings in the UK. I thought that was really cool…

  2. {gasp} Someone kicked you?!?
    (And then, conspiratorily)Who was it? Want me to beat her up?

    Well, in her defense, maybe she wasn’t trying to KICK so much as admit her own faults, and to express a sense of empathy and “no one does it just right”.

    ‘ Course, I wouldn’t know…

  3. howdy.
    Former 4 year Homeschoolin mom here, mom to 13, 11, and now 7 year old.

    I too, have reached the point of being UNCOOL, and realizing that “compassion” has to become my mainstay of mommying. It is so easy to Yell, shout, and generally be a ‘bully’ mom. That is NOT what I want. I want to speak gently…its just that …yah…that’s it…I make excuses, yelling is easier than taking the time to explain.

    Here’s to being more loving and compassionate toward our urchins.

  4. You’re right, it is easier to give in to that rush of emotion and just yell and bully. I embarrassed that I still do it from time to time. It’s hard to be a mindful parent.

    You’re also right that it’s time to quit making excuses and choose this moment as the one where we stop. Just stop, no matter how hard it is for us. How can we expect them not behave the same way if we, as adults can’t control ourselves, right?

    Thanks for your comment!

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