Posted by: whimsigal | October 10, 2007

Fall Crafts

Big, big thanks to my friend, Carri, who put together a Fall Craft Package and for a few pennies offered them up on her website. What a fabulous idea! The boys were really excited when I told them about it and today we got started collecting some materials and had a great day in the process.

iain and leaf collection.jpg

Here we are at the beginning, picking up leaves to make our leaf mobile. There weren’t a lot of leaves to choose from unfortunately! There were a good number of yellow leaves but these were few and far between:


It’s hard to tell but that’s a red leaf…it looks brown for some reason.

Ryan really got into the collecting:


He thought he looked like Santa because he had stuffed his shoes into his overalls. The boy cannot stand to wear shoes.

There were birds feathers.


There was this stack of stones that reminded me of Stephanie’s post about obos:


Even the weeds looked pretty today. At least I think it’s a weed…


This picture illustrates what Fall looks like here this year. Pretty but disappointing that we don’t have the beautiful colors that one associates with Fall.


This was such a wonderful day walking on the trail, spending time with the boys. They are so much fun to be with! Thanks again to Carri for the Fall Craft Package. We are getting so much out of it!



  1. You are most definitely welcome! I’m thrilled to see how much fun ya’ll had out there.

    We don’t have much in the way of beautiful leaves around here this year either. It really took some hard work to find leaves that Catelynn and I wanted to use. Chloe, on the other hand, was perfectly happy with the dried up dead leaves on the ground.

  2. Love the santa picture.

  3. Madeline,

    I love your blog and am incredibly jealous that you are an organic farmer. That is really cool. I want to start an organic garden but I kill everything (plant-wise) and am terrified to even attempt it.

    Thanks for your comment!


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